Antalya was woven with iron nets for EXPO

Antalya, was built with iron net for the EXPO: the first time Turkey will host and 51 of the country's accession agreement signed by the EXPO 2016 Antalya covered only made about 900 million pounds of investment for the light rail system was built with tourism city of Antalya iron network.

By the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the 20,6 trolley line has been constructed to provide transportation without transfer from the city center to the airport and the EXPO exhibition area.

The rail system line, the contract of which is 450 days, was completed in as short as 150 days with great effort. The opening of the rail system will be held on April 22 by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, said in a statement, he stressed that international organizations, especially as the government give every support to perform expo in Turkey.

Pointing to the EXPO 2016 in Antalya in Turkey made an important advantage of the Lightning, "from approximately 51 countries will be in attendance. Millions of people will flock to Antalya from abroad. Antalya in Turkey and all over the world will provide a significant contribution to the economic and commercial life of our region in particular, but make the presentation. However, the proper use of this advantage is not only ours, but also by all parties. ” he spoke.

Minister Yıldırım, both industry stakeholders and the administration to work together and undertake to do its best for Antalya, the government, as the ministry said they work for this.

  • “We train the rail system line to the EXPO opening”

Yıldırım pointed out that they have offered trillion projects to a service for this and said, "We will continue to do whatever is necessary for our Antalya for our people." used the expression.

Turkey's first hosted will EXPO 2016 in Antalya on 22 April making the duration of the EXPO tram lines covered by mentioning that inaugurated by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's participation Lightning, "EXPO is on the verge of the 2016 Fair showing a success unparalleled in the world to Antalya We completed the Antalya 450nd Stage Rail System Line, the contract of which is 2 days, in a short period of 150 days, and we raise it to the EXPO opening. ” he spoke.

  • More than 13 billion lira investment in Antalya in 15 years

Minister Yıldırım stated that as a government, Antalya has provided investment and support of over 13 billion liras in 15 years, and that they have invested about 5 billion lira in transportation and communication as the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications to Antalya.

Pointing out that the rail system line, which will be opened on April 22 only within the scope of EXPO, costs 350 million liras, Yıldırım said, “Also, the intersection and road arrangement works carried out by our General Directorate of Highways within the same scope are 300 million liras. In addition, with the investments made by the Metropolitan Municipality, an investment of 900 million liras was made in Antalya within five months. kazanwe napped.” said.

  • The rail system was the 32 mileage

Minister Yıldırım stated that the total length of the rail system in Antalya will reach 32 kilometers.

Yıldırım pointed out that he himself had made the first test drive at a distance of 5 kilometers from Altınova Station in Antalya to Meydan junction.

“This new line, built in integration with the existing tram line, is 20,6 kilometers long and consists of 14 stations. However, by adding the two additional stations with the Airport T2 terminal extension line, we have made a total of 16 stations within the scope of the project. It will also be united with an 11-kilometer line from Antalya center to Fatih, the bus station. 18 new vehicles that will serve in these lines will be purchased by our Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Thus, non-stop transportation will be provided from EXPO to the airport, from the airport to EXPO, from the Square Stop to EXPO, from EXPO to the Square Stop, from the Square Stop to the airport and from the airport to the Square Stop. The total amount of rail systems in Antalya will reach 32 kilometers. ”

Yıldırım stated that the tender of the rail system line was carried out before the G-20 Summit, but they could not start work due to the summit. He stressed that they will raise the EXPO opening.

  • "Investments are investments made in Antalya on Turkey's prestige"

Yıldırım underlined that they are trying to make Antalya a brand city and emphasized the importance of the city with its tourism options that appeal to 12 months of the year with its natural beauties, historical and cultural riches.

“We are trying to make Antalya a brand city, a world city. Because we know that investments are investments made in Antalya on Turkey's prestige. " Yıldırım stressed that the city appeals to a population of approximately 2 billion within a four-hour flight distance.

Millions of people around the world are familiar with Antalya Turkey lightning striking, "We are aware that what we do to Antalya. For this reason, we made huge investments. In this process, we increased the divided road length of Antalya to 317 km by making 485 km of divided road. ” He spoke in the form.

  • Antalya meets with Central Anatolia

Yıldırım underlined that they have renewed the existing airport by putting Gazipaşa Airport into service, thus making Antalya accessible to all parts of the world with two airports.

Turkey's Antalya on new highway projects third-largest metropolis Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir among the highlights will establish a network of highways Lightning, "In addition Antalya between Istanbul, which will reduce to 3 hours of Antalya and Isparta, Burdur and Afyon-Eskisehir're doing the high-speed train line. With the Antalya-Konya-Akhisar-Nevşehir-Kayseri High Speed ​​Train Project, we connect Antalya to Konya and Cappadocia and bring Antalya tourism and Central Anatolia tourism together. ” said.

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