Iran will receive loans for the construction of a railway bridge on the Azerbaijan border

Iran will receive credit for the construction of the railway bridge on the border with Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan Railways Authority Chairman Javid Gurbanov said that Iran will use a loan to finance the kandi share of the bridge construction that will connect the railways of the two countries.

Gurbanov announced that Azerbaijan will provide its own share in the construction.

20 was laid for the railway bridge over the Astara River, which divides the city of Astara on the Iran-Azerbaijan border.

The ceremony was attended by Azerbaijani Minister of Economy Şahin Mustafayev and Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technologies, Mahmoud Vaezi, as well as the heads of railway institutions of both countries Cavid Gurbanov and Muhsin Purseid Ağai.

The length of the steel-concrete-made bridge will be 82,5 meters, the width is 10,6 meters. The construction of the bridge is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The bridge will be part of the North-South railway corridor, combining Iran and Azerbaijan railway networks.

Under the agreement, the bridge over the river Astara will be built jointly. In addition to the bridge, Gazvin-Rasht and Astara (Iran) - Astara (Azerbaijan) railways will be constructed.

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