Minister Binali Yıldırım Announces Latest Condition of Projects

Binali Yıldırım
Binali Yıldırım

📩 15/03/2019 08:11

4 Hourly Road with Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge 4 will be reduced in minutes: Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim stated that they spent an average of 10 billion liras annually on 15.5 roads annually. I mean, more than just wasted. The 16 hour-long road around the Gulf with the Gulf of Izmit crossing will fall to the 4 minute İzmit

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication completes the projects it started in the past one by one. Shortly after the last bastion of the 3rd bridge is placed in its place, on April 21st, the last bastion of the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge is placed in its place. Minister Binali Yıldırım stated that the transportation routes built so far have made significant contributions to the country in terms of time and fuel saving, “The savings achieved in time and fuel in just one year on divided roads exceeded 16 billion liras. In the last 10 years, an average of 15.5 billion liras was spent on highways, it paid back more than was spent on highways. "The road that takes 4 hours around the Gulf with the Izmit Bay crossing will decrease to 4 minutes." Regarding the currently ongoing 7 giant projects of the Ministry, Minister Yıldırım said:


"An important part of the ongoing construction projects in the transport sector in Turkey is among the largest projects in the world. 3. Airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Istanbul-Izmir Highway and Gulf Crossing Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel, Istanbul Gebze Halkalı While the suburban lines, Ovit Tunnel and Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway projects are completed, there are many important contributions to their regions and the country's economy as well as their economic and social benefits. These projects are almost an employment store. When we look at the economic impact analysis of the 7 giant project, the contribution is around 8.6 billion liras. In these projects, the total number of employees from employees to office staff and engineers is 65 bin 500. An important part of those employed is skilled labor and office personnel. 2 bin 112 is also engineer. If we consider the average 4 family, 262 is the bread door to a thousand people. These figures show only the economic value and employment they provide while their construction continues. When these projects are put into service, the economic contribution and employment they will provide will be much higher. Only when the 3 Airport is in service, the 210 will employ a thousand people.


The cost of salaries, food, clothing expenses, equipment and material needs of the giant projects are still important. Most of these needs are met by regional tradesmen. Employees reside in the nearby areas where the construction continues and they also pay their salaries in that area. In the last 13 year, important steps were taken in transportation and communication. 253.3 was invested in billion pounds. We do not take into account the time and money losses to prevent damage to nature and historical tissues and we strive to protect these tissues. Istanbul Ataturk Airport, 3. Airport, 3. We made the 37 viaduct with the concern of protecting the environment and history on the road between the bridge and İzmit Bay Crossing.



The first stage will end at 2018

The tender for the year 25 22 152 33 million euros plus VAT and Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group had the highest bid. Investment costs and the annual rental value of the total 1.1 billion euros as a project, so far, have also made the largest project of its kind in Turkey. When it is completed, it will be the largest airport in the world and will be an important transfer center serving the countries in the region. 200 billion euros will be the 1.5 million square meter terminal where annual rental income and 2018 airplanes can take passengers at the same time. In XNUMX, the first stage will be completed and put into service.
* Total number of employees including subcontractors: 13.000
* Physical progress: Percent 14
* Investment to date: 1.5 Euro (5 billion pounds).
* Direct employment when the project is completely finished: 209.525 person
* Contribution to GNP: Percent 4.52
* Number of passengers: 100.000 million


The 10 lane bridge approached the end

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the technical and material used, many systems in terms of carrier systems will go to the history of engineering world. The structural system is designed as a 'hybrid bridge' in the form of a combination of a suspension bridge and a stretched bridge. It has a total of 4 lanes on the 2 railway lane in the middle with 10'er highway lane on the way in and out. Bridge width 59 meters. This brings the world's largest suspension bridge. Tower height is 322 meter and this figure is a record in the world. 1408 meter 2 meter with a total length of 164 meters and with this feature 'the rail on the world's longest suspension bridge' will win the title.
* Investment cost: 2.5 billion dollars.
* Employment: 6 thousand people
* Annual economic contribution to the region: 1.75 billion TL


Last Tabla 21 in April

Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which is being constructed within the scope of ISTANBUL-Izmir Highway project, is among the largest mid-span suspension bridges 4 in the world. will take place. 21 will be put into service in April and the bridge will be opened in May. 4 will go down to the 4 hour by the hour-long bridge.
* The cost of the İzmit Bay Crossing project: 6.3 billion dollars.
* Total employment: 7 bin 918 person
* Employee salaries, equipment and manufacturing expenses total year: 375 million TL.


2018 will be in service

The project is expected to be completed and put into service after two years.
* Cost: 1.042 billion euros.
* Total Employment: 829 people
* Annual economic contribution of the project to the region: 500 million TL


The countdown has begun

The Eurasian Tube Crossing Project, which is the twin of MARMARAY, will be the deepest tunnel in the world under the sea. 2016 will be put into service at the end.
* Total length of 14.6 km
* Underwater length: 3.4 km
* Total employment: 1800 people
* Annual economic contribution to the region: 560 million TL
* Time saving: 52.000.000 hours / year
* Fuel Saving: 160.000.000 TL / year (38 million liter fuel)
* Environmental Contribution: Reduction of 82.000 ton emissions
* State Revenue: In the project, the amount of income from the vehicle tolls will be provided by the state to provide around 100 million TL state income per year.


The third largest project

After BAKU-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum projects, it will be the third big project of all three countries. Bosphorus Tube Crossing (Marmaray) BTK railway project and when the project is completed, from Asia to Europe, a significant portion of the load that can be transported in large volumes from Europe to Asia will remain in Turkey. Turkey, in the long run be able to obtain billions of dollars in transportation revenue. When the line is commissioned, 1 will be able to carry millions of passengers and 6.5 million tons. In 2034, it is estimated that 3 million passengers and 17 million cargo carrying capacity will be increased on this project line.
* Total employment: 8 bin 237 person
* The economic contribution of the project to date: 988 million TL


Rize and Erzurum to reunite

The highway between RİZE and Erzurum passes through the Ovit Mountain Pass highway tunnel in İkizdere-İspir. Being built as double tube. The length will be 14.7 mileage. Turkey's tallest when completed will be the world's second longest tunnel.
* Total cost: 719 million TL
* Employment: 600 people
* Annual economic contribution to the region: 60 million TL.

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