Construction Protective Board Drops on Tram Line in Samsun

Construction Protective Board fell on the Tram Line in Samsun: Due to the strong wind in Samsun, the construction protective boards fell on the light rail system line.
Due to the strong wind in Samsun, the construction protective boards fell into the light rail system line. Rail system services were stopped until the plates were removed.
The severe storm negatively affected life in Samsun. The protective plates around the construction of the Metropolitan Municipality multi-purpose meeting hall built in the area of ​​the Old Great Samsun Hotel fell on the route of the light rail system due to the strong wind. The Metropolitan Municipality and Samulaş teams removed the plates falling on the route as a result of hard work.
Passengers coming from OMÜ and Atakum district came to Gençlik Park with the rail system and from there they were transported by buses to the Station Station in order to prevent the citizens from being victimized in the rail system services that were closed for 160 minutes as a result of the sign falling on the route.
Providing information on the subject, Samulaş A.Ş. General Manager Kadir Gürkan said, “Today, with the wind caused by adverse weather conditions in our city, the construction protective plates of the multi-purpose hall of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which were made in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, fell on our light rail system route. Fortunately, we saw that it did not harm our power lines. Our line for about 160 minutes was interrupted. However, in order not to victimize our citizens, we switched to alternative operation and carried it from the Gar to the Youth Park with our buses belonging to Samulaş and then by light rail system vehicles. It is the greatest gratifying point that the life, property and safety of any of our people are not harmed in this negative accident ”.
After the plates on the rail system route were removed, the Samulaş officials who controlled the electrical systems opened the rail system flights.



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