Sarıkamış Ski Resort chair lift test study

Sarıkamış Ski Center chair lift test work was carried out: Kars Sarıkamış Ski Center 3 months ago the damaged chairlift was renewed and ready for service. The chairlift was tested today and the first chair was sent to the summit with the Turkish flag.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Sarıkamış Ski Center renewed 2. The test was performed at the stage telesjyej station. The first chair of the facility was tested with the Turkish flag and pine saplings. After the chair sent with applause, 24 will be offered to the citizens of the runway after hours. With the launch of the test drive, the Caucasian Folk Dance ensemble presented a demonstration.

The event was attended by the Governor of Kars Günay Özdemir, the Governor of Iğdır Davut Haner, AK Party deputies Ahmet Arslan, Selahattin Beyribey, Ardahan Mayor Faruk Köksoy, Sarıkamış Governor Yusuf İzzet Karaman, Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksay, AK Party Provincial Chairman Adem Çalkın, Kars Ticaret and President of the Chamber of Industry Fahri Özgen, the main sponsor of the festival Ögel Kardeşler Chairman of the Board of Directors Suat Ögel, AK Party former Provincial Chairman Remzi Aras, the relevant institution chiefs and many skiers participated.

Mayor Göksal Toksoy made a speech here: “Our chairlift came from Switzerland. Mechanical parts came from Austria. The facility was the latest technological and equipped. Our facility was renewed. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has made a great contribution. Our deputies made effort. Dear governor, our district governor made a great effort. I told them; I would like to thank the people of Sarıkamış and myself. Here we started together at our winter games festival. This festival is done Sarıkamış'ta first time in Turkey. As you can see, Sarıkamış has a magnificent view with its natural geography. Winter games festival and offroad races are especially suitable for skiing, toboggan races, cycling races, car races. Nowhere in Turkey do not have such a track. It was organized here for him. Such an organization was organized with the support of SERKA, our governorship, our governor and our parliamentarians. A very important organization in terms of publicity. In this sense, I would like to thank everyone on the Sarıkamış district: ”he said.

Sarıkamış District Governor Yusuf İzzet Karaman said, amış This is the first time this year in our Sarıkamış district, which has a special place with its crystal snow and yellow pine forests. In previous years, similar programs were organized, offroad races were organized, but this year, a number of events, with approximately 35 vehicles from the country and from abroad. A wide variety of activities, such as snowboarding, skiing, sledding, trinkling, etc., continue for two days. Hopefully in this beautiful air we will experience these natural beauties of Sarıkamış together. This event came to this point with the support of our governor, our deputies, SERKA, the Mayor of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Youth and Sports. I hope that we will become traditional and together with this enthusiasm we will meet in the coming years. Gelir

MP Selahettin Beyribey said, “Sarıkamış is a very important center for skiing. I want to comment on that size because I'm a doctor. Note here that the number of our siblings who use sunglasses is not even 10. The only reason is because of Sarikamish. There is no possibility of skiing with or without sunglasses in any other ski resort. Except Sarıkamış. Reason; for skiing in the forests. Today is an important day; We do the Winter Games Festival. Many of our provinces, our brothers from the region are competing here. Again, the crystal abdomen here, together with the pine of nature, makes an integrity with snow attractive. We hope to grow this further in the future. We will keep coming from all corners of Turkey in these important people in our center. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project separately. You may know; here are your managers, we all feel the hearts of all our brothers coming here. We want them to come here all the time. We will also make the service better. Our ski center will not do that, I hope it will develop further in the winter of the population of the winter at least 200 thousand people will see the days, I say., He said.

Member of Parliament Ahmet Arslan said, lar Sarıkamış is a privileged place with its runways between the crystal snow and pines. But a privileged place has to be told, it needs to be served. We serve this privileged place, we are trying to explain. Our guests like you, who make the valuable Sarıkamış valuable, are the ones who come to Sarıkamış with these activities. So we are grateful to you that you are here today to recognize the value of the valuable Sarikamis. You participate in this event, you are accompanied. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. Ben

Governor Günay Özdemir said:
Oldu This year, there was participation from abroad. We aim to carry such activities to an international area in the coming years. Therefore, we are starting this work from today. Because; our infrastructure here, our physical structure in the world in such a way that activities can be done in one of the rare places. infrastructure in this way in the ski resorts in Turkey, which is a center that no other physical structure. Therefore, we will carry these activities here to the international level. This year, this work was mainly sponsored by the public. There were sponsors from our civil society organizations and our businessmen from Karslı and Sarıkamış. But my main wish is; we want to do this work in the form of cooperation and cooperation with our national and international companies. I propose to him to see Sarikamish especially our national and international companies and to organize these activities together in Sarikamis. I'm calling here, and I'm waiting for their activity here. I believe that we will take the fruit of this call, this activity, our work together in the coming years. Buraz first, as our deputy noted that the 200 thousand people to be guests in the future years already planned. Regarding tourism, Erzincan, Erzurum, Kars and Sarıkamış are also planning the region. Our investments in Sarıkamış continue. In this regard, the Ministry of Youth Sports, the Prime Minister, especially the President of the Republic have serious support. This is followed by our deputies. We will reach this goal very easily in the coming years. For this reason, I hope to work with national and international organization companies to work together soon. We're starting this business from today. I say good luck. Hayır

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