Huawei SmartRail talks about new rail system technologies at Metro Euroasia

Huawei SmartRail Metro talked about new rail system technologies at Euroasia: Rail transport system from high speed trains to subways and tram systems at SmartRail & Metro Eurasia, one of the most important rail sector events of the Eurasia Region, held in Istanbul on 26-27 January 2016. Many developments related to the issue came up. In Turkey the main sponsor of the event Huawei Organization framework, the vision of the rail system in particular with the development of information technology, solutions and projects shared with the participants.
Railway transportation, which is shown as one of the most environmentally friendly, low-cost and practical transportation systems in the world, is among the sectors that change dimensions with information technologies. The development of rail that has had an important place in Turkey's 2023 vision system on the local and global, Asia, and Europe's most comprehensive smartrail & Metro summit was discussed in detail in Eurasia. The event held with the participation of public and private sector representatives, Huawei Turkey has leadership.
smartrail & Supply in Metro Eurasia Turkey carried out within the framework of the Planning and Development spoke Huawei Enterprise panel Turkey Country Director Serdar hill, rail systems solutions Huawei was summed up in private; “Huawei has been working on railway and metro communication technologies since 2002. In this sense, railway and metro companies; that means 14 years to provide reliable and high-capacity technology. We have implemented the most up-to-date fiber optic transmission technologies in many projects for railway customers from all over the world. Wireless access technologies such as GSM-R, Trunking supported LTE and Wi-Fi are also included in Huawei's transportation portfolio. In addition, we stand by the operators with our CCTV solutions to ensure the safety of these areas. The first GSM-R system we installed started commercial operations in 2005. Today, Huawei GSM-R systems are used for both operational voice communication and train signaling on the 44.000 km long railway. "
Huawei's Underlining that Turkey has become a major player in the GSM-R market Serdar hill; "Our customers in Turkey by working very closely, we aim to take advantage of our convenient solution to the latest trends. In recent years 10 in metro and railway investments in Turkey, we observe a very large increase. While TCDD invests in both high-speed train lines and the renovation of conventional lines, new metro projects are being implemented especially in Istanbul and Ankara using the latest technologies. In addition, İzmir, Antalya, Samsun and Kocaeli municipalities are implementing tram projects to ensure safe and comfortable transportation to their passengers. All these investments, railway contractors in Turkey, integrators, consulting firms and construction companies in creating a healthy ecosystem of, Turkey will move to a new rail era. "
Huawei Corporate Business Solutions Director Norman Frisch, who spoke at the panel on the Importance of Localization in Railway Projects and Metro Projects, expressed his view of Huawei's approach to rail systems, and said, e Within the framework of the technological vision of the railways, 15 continues to support the industry with its products and services for years. In terms of LTE technology, today's broadband systems have a significant impact on our lives in the field of transport. Today, many countries are gathered during the journey and the data is transmitted to the headquarters, and from the prevention of accidents to the processing of passenger information, many important gains are achieved. Even electronic tickets are enough for us to see what stage of technology technology has reached. In many countries of the world, we continue to conduct tests on GSM-R technology and develop this technology with governments. As Huawei, we are extremely happy to be one of the most important supporters of the high technology-oriented communication era in transportation and we will continue to work in this field without losing speed Hu.



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