ASELSAN's railway technologies were exhibited in Berlin

ASELSAN's rail technologies were exhibited in Berlin: ASELSAN's devices and systems to be used in the field of Rail Transport Technologies, which have a strategic development, attracted great attention at the InnoTrans Berlin 2016 Fair.
According to the written statement from the company, ASELSAN, which participated in the fair held in Berlin, the capital of Germany, exhibited traction systems, train control and management systems and facility security systems.
ASELSAN's InnoTrans Fair, where the products with high-tech and advanced technology in the field of rail transportation, such as subway, tram, high-speed train, regional train and locomotive, critical electric-electronic components, rail signaling and control systems in the field for the first time in the international market. attracted great attention in.
in the military field kazanASELSAN, which uses its technologies for other sectors that Turkey needs, is carrying out modernization studies for the Ankara metro. Within the scope of the project carried out jointly with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, systems developed by ASELSAN are integrated on the triple metro set. Apart from the vehicle body and wheels, ASELSAN plans to extend the life of the vehicles for another 20 years.
In addition, traction systems of the first domestic tram vehicle İpekbögeç are localized by ASELSAN. In this way, the domestic contribution rate in vehicles is increased to over 85 percent and it is aimed to end dependency on foreign systems in critical systems to be used for national and domestic metro, regional train, high speed train and locomotives.
ASELSAN continues its activities in the field of traction control system, train control and management systems, signaling systems, which are critical components in the field of rail transport technologies and which need localization.

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