Prime Minister Davutoglu 3. Date for the opening of the bridge

Prime Minister Davutoglu 3. History of the bridge inaugurated. Prime Minister Davutoglu Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is a first in the world in terms of bridge architecture.
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, 3. examined the construction of the bridge aerial.
Davutoğlu made a statement to the press members about the Basika camp. “Our soldiers in the Basika camp have so far been unfavorable. There has been no negative development in the context of their security. In the case of some individual attacks yesterday and before, our armed forces are able to react instantly and face terrorists when necessary in necessary punishment. ”
“We have never compromised in the fight against terrorism”
Dais struggle against in about the evaluation bulununan Prime Minister Davutoglu, "The past is not in the fight sufficiently against Turkey the dais he criticize shields, now Daisie most direct, telling the Mosul context, it will have an impact, we train there, Iraqis will fight and we found there may be sections that criticize. We have never made any concessions in the fight against terrorism, and we fully respect and respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Iraq. Our presence there; It is meant to protect Iraq's territorial integrity and sovereignty. ”

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