Level Crossing Is Safer Now

Level Crossing More Safer: The uncontrolled level crossing in front of the Hospital for Mental and Nervous Diseases was made more secure by the joint work of the State Railways Izmir Regional Directorate and the Municipality of Şehzadeler. Şehzadeler Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik stated that citizens who have used the level crossing for many years will pass the gate safely now and that this level crossing becomes safer for our citizens. Hem
The cooperation protocol signed between Şehzadeler Municipality and State Railways İzmir Regional Directorate and the uncontrolled level crossing in front of the Hospital for Mental and Nervous Diseases. AK Party Deputy Chairman Selçuk Özdağ, State Railways İzmir 3. Regional Director Murat Bakır, Şehzadeler Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik, Şehzadeler District Governor İsmail Çorumluoğlu and the delegation accompanying him made observations during the automatic tantan and landscaped level crossing. The State Railways Regional Directorate stated that they were working in the past in order to make this level crossing controlled, but that they did not get a result, the State Railways Izmir 3. Regional Director Murat Bakır süz Located at the front of the State Railways Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital, this ground was dangerous and uncontrolled. In the past years we had negotiations with the municipalities about this level, but we did not get a result. Our Deputy Mayor Selçuk Özdağ and the Şehzadeler Municipality Mayor Omer Faruk Çelik worked together with the Union to achieve this level crossing as a controlled passage in a short period of time. After that, we are very happy to produce a service which is very dangerous at this level crossing. Labour would like to thank everyone who contributed. I would like to thank the valuable MP Selçuk Özdağ for his support in this level crossing and the Mayor of Şehzadeler Ömer Faruk Çelik for his support.
”Make it HAYIRLI“
Şehzadeler Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik stated that they had undertaken the landscaping and personnel support of the level crossing as Şehzadeler Municipality. I would like to thank Mr. Selçuk Özdağ, our Deputy Chairman and Manisa MP, because they are strict followers of this issue. Şehzadeler Municipality as we have done studies about the landscaping we will do the old. In the framework of the protocol signed with the State Railways, we will assume the employment of the personnel to be assigned here as the Municipality of Şehzadeler. This passage has been controlled by Ahmet Bedevi, Nurlupınar and Kazım Karabekir neighborhoods. I wish it to be good. Hayır Soul and Neurological Diseases Hospital in front of the level crossing of the students and citizens who use the gate constantly expressed their complaints of expressing complaints of the Governor of the Ismail Çorumluoğlu expressed happiness in solving the problem, thanks to those who contributed to secure the level passage.
7 Nurlupınar, Ahmetbedevi and Kâzımkarabekir neighborhoods before the June elections at the request of the neighborhood people and muhtarlarının at the request of the level of the transition to the level of the pledges that they promised to solve the AK Party Deputy Chairman and Manisa deputy Selcuk Ozdag ve We came to visit these neighborhoods before the election of our headmen from this level crossing a tantan they wanted it. We are still working on this level crossing to make a different study in this field by making our official correspondence. The mayors of the princes will request 3 staff who will be assigned in this place, we will have created an employment and we will ensure that the diagnosis is closed and opened. Our Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik 3 has appointed the staff here. Likewise, we wanted to do in Alasehir in Kavaklidere. We had a meeting with the Mayor of Alaşehir. In our first meeting, he accepted the matter, but then he quit. Now with a new work we will remove the problem from the middle by doing a underpass for that level crossing. Manisa is a city with a lot of railways. There are too many accidents and we are losing a lot of lives on these train tracks. Our valuable regional manager made contributions to this level crossing. I thank him very much. We have fulfilled our promise to our district headmen. This level crossing in the work done in this region to our neighborhoods and our citizens will be auspicious auspicious.

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