ESRAY Adopts Innovation Focused Approach

ESRAY Adopts Innovation-Focused Approach in Its Areas: Esray, which produces freight cars, components and locomotive parts for the rail systems sector, meets the needs of the sectors it works with with innovative approaches. The company completed the delivery of 10 new generation ballast wagons, operating under the leadership of Tülomsaş, with 40 bar pressure for TCDD use, in the first half of 2015. Touching on the production of ballast wagons as well as other production activities, Esray Chairman Ramazan Yanar said, “Up to now, we have modernized the machineries of DE 24000 type locomotives, the production of high risk parts of GE Power Haul locomotives, and the production of electric cabinets of Hyundai Rotem locomotives. We are continuing the production of 150 ton capacity six axle heavy freight wagons for the iron and steel main industry. ”
Explaining that they produce wagon, on-board equipment, line container and all kinds of spare parts of them, Ramazan Yanar pointed out that the wagons they produce for the iron and steel main industry are wagons that are not affected by high temperature and operate at 600-800 degrees. Yanar continued as follows: “Iskenderun Demir Çelik enterprises (İSDEMİR), who previously appreciated our success in the wagons we have produced for the Karabük Iron and Steel Enterprises (KARDEMİR), also ordered us. While the wagon billet we produce for KARDEMİR carries iron, the wagon we produce for İSDEMİR carries three different products, namely roll sheet, slap and billet. There is no need for any changes on the wagon when carrying different products. Thanks to the design we developed, the wagon can carry all three products. This innovative feature eliminates time losses during different product transports. ”
Expanding capacity with wheel sets Ramazan Yanar explaining that they have increased the capacity of the wagons by using TSI certified 25 ton axle pressure wheel sets in their wagons, and underlined that the total capacity has reached 150 tons. Stating that they have started to run the wagons equipped with Knorr brand braking system in series on the ISDEMİR field, Yanar said, “The officials of İSDEMİR have doubled the load they carry with the new six-axle wagons.” Explaining the production details of this type of axle, Yanar said, “FEM analysis was made at Istanbul Technical University separately for the chassis and bogie of the wagon we produced for İSDEMİR. Thanks to the reinforcements made in line with the suggestions of our teachers, our wagons will serve for many years without any problems ”. Explaining that they have demonstrated their quality productions with the documents they have, Ramazan Yanar emphasized that the companies that manufacture welding from railways in Europe are one of the first companies to obtain the EN 15085 (together with EN 3834) certificate, which is the highest standard documenting their production quality. Yanar also underlined that they perform all their production processes in accordance with EN 9001, EN 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, respectful to the environment and human health.
Explaining that they were established in 3 to make a special production for the railway and transportation sectors, Ramazan Yanar said that the construction of a further closed area of ​​2007 square meters will be completed next year, in addition to the existing 7 square meters closed area in Eskişehir OSB. Stating that they continue their activities on a total area of ​​500 thousand square meters, Yanar said, “We are producing chassis on the Tırsan chassis by combining our experience and skills in the production of on-board equipment with the brand in the railway sector. Our investment of 7 million euros will be completed in 500 with the purchase of wagon, the construction of our new factory and the purchase of machinery and equipment, which started in 22 ”. Ramazan Yanar pointed out that they made an export connection in high figures in the last months of 2012 thanks to their increasing experience on the production of railway vehicles. “The fact that we export our products to Germany, which is a difficult market in every sense, has increased our self-confidence. Our target for 3 is to make export connections much higher than the existing ones. ” Finally, stating that the city should act with air cargo transportation as well as railway investments, Yanar commented, “When such breakthroughs are realized, Eskişehir's feature of being one of the most important centers in logistics and railway sector will be strengthened.”

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