Kocaeli Metro Line to Meet at 2025

Kocaeli Metro Line will be at 2025: 249 12 meter-long vehicle in Kocaeli, 93 or even 1 will begin to serve in February, and the new system will be in transit.
240 bus 1 will be in service as of February. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Tahir Buyukakin held a press release about new works on the newly organized public transportation system and transportation infrastructure. Deputy Secretary General Doğan Erol, Head of Transportation Department Mustafa Altay, Head of Public Transport Salih Kumbar, Head of Press and Public Relations Department HASAN Yılmaz, General Manager of Transportation Park Inc. Yasin Özlü, Chairman of the Department Ömer Polat and unit managers attended to the press. The new 240 bus and the 49 bus previously received in the meeting, the 249 bus 93 or even 1 will be on line from February.
Tahir Büyükakın, the Secretary General, stated that the public transportation system and the transportation infrastructure network should be integrated into each other in the cities. You can do something for the future without planning. Plan to manage the future. We have made the Transportation Master plan for transportation. There is a Transport Master plan behind all the decisions we take regarding transportation. We have also made the logistics master plan. 65 has a job in Kocaeli. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the transportation system by considering the logistics plan Bu.
Büyükakın made a presentation with statistical information at the meeting. The number of employees will increase from 2014 per thousand to 1 million. The number of students will increase twice and there will be an increase in income. 649 2035 3 900 411 1 552 2014 205 2035 858 The 2014 million 2 in 578 is about a thousand 2035 a thousand, while in 8 this figure is expected to be 2035 million. In 4 trip number 4 floor, the number of vehicles will increase by XNUMX floor. But we don't have a chance to increase the roads four times in Kocaeli. We need to set up a new system for him Onun he said.
Tahir Büyükakın, the general secretary who noted that the number of people in public transport has decreased, N 2 in our city has 2013 million transport in 117 of our public transportation vehicle and 2015 in 111 has dropped to million. This is a decrease because people do not prefer public transport because they start to use their own vehicle. We do not have a public transport system that will deter people without using their vehicle. For this, it is necessary to make public transportation attractive. 2014 2 thousand 578 in 611 thousand transport is done by public transport only 2035. If we don't change our system until 1, the daily travel in public transport will be 300 million 30 per thousand. This will be worse than traffic in Istanbul. Our goal is to increase the public transport to XNUMX level Bizim.
Noting that people should have attractive reasons for preferring public transport, and that there should be innovations in public transport,. To connect public networks to the transport network in order to prefer public transportation, connecting roads and to make additional intersections and roads to existing roads. There must be rail systems and rubber wheeled systems. This system should not be the system today. Parking lots must be controlled. The parking lots should be planned so that people need to park their vehicles and use public transport. At the moment, intersections, new roads and new highways are planned. 200, we've made a double road. 1900 was the crossroad road and 48 junction. currently part of the 40 junction project is being done, some of it started. It will be over until 2019 X.
Tahir Büyükkakın noted that many of the projects were completed in order to establish the network of rail network throughout Kocaeli, and land After the projects related to the rail system, the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments is expected to approve. We got approval for the tram and we started. Starting from the Gulf, Cengiz Topel Airport will go to the metro line of the project is over. The tender will be made after the implementation plan. In 2025, however, we can achieve this. Infrastructure General Directorate of Investments 2030 year for a line in the South and Gebze can be made for the line says. In 2025, the fastest train can be set up in the Gulf on the Railway. We will take the tram on the 6 2017 9 tram line between Otogar and Seka Park. Gebze-Darica Metro line will be announced on Wednesday. At the first stage, 11 station line of 6 will be projected. 8 station line will be made in 1,5. Even the project takes 2025 years. Therefore, we planned all our projects according to XNUMX year. Planned to implement the rail system in Kocaeli, and continue to work, emi he said.
Büyükakın pointed out that there are important projects for the city center. 400 car park with elevator. There will be a parking project in the Thursday market. There will be automatic parking system in our car parks. Street top parking system is the subject of discussion. We don't want to make money on street parking garages. Traffic control center came to tender process. 2016 is auctioned in and will be completed in 2017. Violations of speed, parking and red light violations shall be determined immediately and penalties shall be suspended. This center will relax the traffic circulation. Geographical structure of Kocaeli is suitable for tire wheel system. After all this work we bought 240 12 meter long vehicle. These vehicles are environmentally friendly and have a bicycle carrying device and are suitable for carrying disabled people. The logic of the work of these vehicles will be outside the logic of the old public transport. We built garage and gas filling facilities in Gebze and Gulf for these vehicles. Now we have the 4 dot garage. Main body lines were formed in such a way that the lines did not repeat each other. 93 will even serve you with a total 249 vehicle. The 197 of these vehicles will be operated by the parking lot and the remaining 53 vehicle will be operated. With these vehicles, we aim to carry 45 million passengers annually yolcu.
Underlining that they are continuing negotiations with the Public Transport Cooperatives, Büyükakın said: en Two main models are going on with the cooperatives. One of them is the common pool and rental method, and the other one we will rent their vehicles on certain lines. No consensus has yet been reached on these two models. We want to know that. We have no eye on the artisan's bread. But if the cooperatives cannot provide a standard that will please the citizen, in the last analysis, the service we serve in this city is to serve the citizen and the reason of the existence of the municipality. We certainly don't want our shopkeepers to get hurt. But if the quality of the service provided by the shopkeepers does not satisfy the citizen, we must find a new model at this point. It is not possible to make many changes in Kocaeli due to the system coming from the past. There is currently an 1300 fare tariff in Kocaeli. Because it is very co-operative, you cannot do it on board. 2 95 7 60 5 90 50 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX We've been struggling to merge cooperatives and grow their tools over the past XNUMX years. He worked on them. But at some point, there is no solution. We're still in negotiations. But we've come to this point. While the negotiations were in progress, we established the Transportation Department, the Public Transportation Department and the Transportation Park Inc. We would like to agree on one of these two models, provide the transmission system and a safer, faster transportation. XNUMX XNUMX discount will be applied when the vehicle is switched from one vehicle to another within minutes. we do not want to be a victim of trades while doing so. If we quickly agree on a model, we will continue to walk along the path. We believe that these negotiations will end soon. Kısa

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