International Tender for Izmir Bay

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality took an important step in the ecological recycling target that will return the Gulf to ek 80 years ago İzmir. On February, 27 takes part in the international tender for projects related to the Gulf survey and the creation of islands of natural life.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to prevent lad re-swim lad in the Gulf, has completed the preparations for the tender after the EIA permission received for, İzmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project Körfez. IZSU, 13.5 km length, 250 meter wide and 8 meters of circulation channel can be opened on the northern axis of the gulf. and the island were awarded for the preparation of application projects. After the consultancy tender to be held in February, 25 announced that the company that received the tender will prepare the projects within one year and submit it to İZSU.

Additional dredgers, cranes and buoys
Providing information about the project they have carried out together with TCDD in order to make the Gulf süre swimable ini and the capacity and efficiency of the Port of Izmir, İZSU officials stated that they have implemented the whole tender process step by step following the EIA permission for the screening of the circulation channel. 27 In addition to the project consultancy tender to be held in February, İZSU officials stated that they need additional scavenger ship for the transmission of the scanned materials to the recovery area, the crane and the additional equipment needed to convey the material to the ponds. stating that they will go to the tender continued as follows:
. We will transport the material we scanned with this equipment to the recycling area next to the Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Plant. This is an area of ​​1.2 million square meters. Here we will make 4 pieces dewatering pool. We will be able to use dried screening materials in the context of the project that will transform the Harmandalı Solid Waste Facility into a green area, as well as in the construction areas, park, garden recreation areas and quarries of stone quarries. Kur

Natural life islands coming
Authorities from the General Directorate of İZSU, who reminded me of the necessary permits within the scope of the EIA for transporting the screening materials to the container terminal filling area within the port, next to the recycling area next to the Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Plant and to the two natural habitats that will be formed after Tuzla Pier, said:
. In order to make the zoning plan of the islands, we conducted the tender and geophysical survey tenders for the area to be formed with the Dokuz Eylül University Marine Sciences and Technology Institute. The work is about to be completed. The zoning plan for the islands will be prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for approval by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality based on the maps of the sea and geophysics. It will be applied for the first time in Turkey and will put a very significant contribution to the environment because it contains the size of the project and specific criteria, especially if you are going to scan job and island applications in national and consulting contracts to work with specialist person with international experience. With this tender, the screening method will be determined; The project will be used to transfer the scanned materials to the recovery area and the islands of the natural habitat in the most appropriate way. At the same time, the design and implementation projects related to the islands of natural life will be revealed. Immediately after this process, we are aiming to start screening works in the circulation channel depending on the production of natural islands. Bu

Both the environment and the economy will win
The navigation channel to be opened along the South axis by TCDD will provide clean water access to the Gulf while the circulation channel to be established by the Metropolitan Municipality on the North axis will increase the flow rate in this region. Water quality and biodiversity will be improved. The capacity of İzmir Port will increase and it will become the main port by starting to serve the new generation ships. The region and the country's economy will win.
When the largest ecological recycling project of the world will be completed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Gulf will return to 80 years ago. Most importantly, with this project, the goal of in swimable Gulf ine will be achieved and İzmir's role in the Mediterranean will also be strengthened.

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