IZBAN 7 Million 768 Thousand People Moved In October

IZBAN Carries 7 Million 768 Thousand People in October: Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN), which has been providing public transportation for five years on the north-south axis of İzmir, has reached the highest passenger carrying capacity of all time.

İZBAN, which completed the last October with 7 million 520 thousand 731 ticket passengers, reached 7 million 768 thousand 561 people in this period, together with the passengers it carries free of charge. The highest number of passengers carried in a month before was 2015 million 7 thousand 391 people in May 130.

İZBAN officials stated that the commissioning of 40 sets of Gulf Dolphins, the transition to the triple series order and the changes in the voyage plans increased the number of passengers, “Since August 2014, we have reached a fleet of 219 sets consisting of 73 wagons. Our exponentially increasing fleet has increased the comfort level of the service we offer to our passengers on the line we operate, which has been positively reflected in our travel figures. ” said. The authorities stressed that the number of sets will increase even more in line with the commissioning of the Selçuk and Bergama projects, as well as the line that will soon reach Torbalı.

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