İZBAN turns Torbalı district into a center of attraction

Torbalı, known for being the 'junction point' for centuries, this feature 21. Century. Highway and railway transportation, as well as close proximity to the airport with the harbor and İZBAN, the district is turning the attraction

Torbalı, which has an important position with its historical past, still maintains its importance today. With its strong economy based on agriculture and industry, the district which is known around the country has attracted attention with its transportation facilities. There is no transportation problem in Torbalı, which has been a 'crossroads' for centuries. The highway passing through the center is one of the rare settlements that do not have any transportation problems between the motorway, railway, airport and port.


It is known as the old Aydın road. In addition, the motorway that circulates its surroundings provides great convenience in the transportation to the surrounding cities. Transportation to other neighboring provinces and districts, especially Izmir, is available around the clock. Torbalı, has been open to rail transport since ancient times. The transportation of railways from İzmir to many cities and towns of the Aegean Region passes through Torbalı. The İZBAN system carries passengers up to Menemen and Aliağa in İzmir and north. Torbalı is also very close to Izmir airport. Therefore, it can also benefit from air transportation. The proximity to the port in the city center of Izmir also offers a distinct advantage.


The transportation-money relationship, which has been known since then, means its meaning in the district. Torbalı, which is a center of attraction and attraction in transportation, can easily send its agricultural and industrial products to other places. In this sense, the land, air and sea routes have the opportunity to use the unlimited unlimited district, always attracts attention. These three transport methods provide great convenience to the people living in Torbali in both commercial and passenger transportation.


The ease of transportation in the district is related to the population living in this geography as well as its geographical features. It is observed that the population, which increases with continuous migration, is based on the limit of 170 according to the latest figures. You can live your life with the unlimited job opportunities that the district offers them. kazanThe current population is not stationary in one place. Official figures say that the young population in the district is around 30 percent. A dynamic population structure that produces and works; triggers the continuous development of transportation routes to the district. Changing, developing and renewed transportation methods support the district, which already has this potential, and add value to its economy.

Source: torbaliege.net

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