Rail Public Transportation Projects in cooperation with TCDD and Local Government

public transport projects in cooperation with the ministry and local government
public transport projects in cooperation with the ministry and local government

Rail Public Transportation Projects in cooperation with TCDD and Local Government; If you have chosen and the Republic of Turkey State Railways and GAZİRAY Projects to provide passenger transport in urban transportation in metro standards it has been developed in cooperation with local authorities. In addition, the Capital City Project was commissioned by TCDD in Ankara.

●●If you have chosen / İZBAN



If you have chosen / İZBAN

In order to provide a permanent solution to the traffic problem of İzmir, the Ministry of Transportation, TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality cooperated and the EGERAY Project was implemented. TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality have established a joint stock company (İZBAN A.Ş.) with% 50'er each in order to carry out joint suburban operations in subway standard.

Starting from Aliağa; Menemen, Cigli, KarşıyakaThe first stage of the high standard suburban operation with 80 km double line and 32 stations up to Alsancak, Adnan Menderes Airport and Cumaovası was launched in 2010. In order to extend the existing system from Cumaovası to Tepeköy in the south, in 2016, the suburban line 80 km was increased to 30 km with the addition of 110 km and the number of stations was increased from 32 to 38.

2014 was awarded the işbirliği Best Collaboration ”award by the International Public Transport Association in the year of 2010. Since 482 was opened for business, XNUMX million passengers have traveled between Aliağa-Cumaovası-Tepeköy.

In accordance with the protocol signed with TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, it is planned to extend the suburban operation in subway standard from Tepeköy to Selçuk.

With the opening of the 26-km Tepeköy-Selçuk line on the 08.09.2017 line, the sub-section of the suburban business was extended to 136 km and the İZBAN flights were extended to Selçuk. The number of İZBAN stations has been increased from 32 to 40.

Infrastructure works are underway to extend the suburban line from Aliağa to Çandarlı port connection- Bergama (50 km). Suburban operation between Aliağa-Cumaovası-Tepeköy-Selçuk will be increased to 50 km with the addition of the Aliağa-Bergama section of 186 km.

Map of IZBAN


Starting from the Organized Industrial Zone and extending to the Small Industrial Zone, 25,5 will reach the Mustafayavuz in the Small Industrial Zone starting from the Başpınar Station in the OIZ within the scope of the protocol signed with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality for the construction of a commuter line. The project is planned to serve daily 358.000 passengers.

Map of Gaziray


Since Ankara will be the center of YHT operations, the BAŞKENTRAY Project has been developed in order to provide sufficient traffic capacity in freight and passenger transportation to the east and west of the city and to provide a modern subway standard service in suburban management between Sincan and Kayaş.

The project provided connection to Ankaray and metro. In order to provide more comfortable and regular operation of YHT trains, conventional passenger-freight trains and suburban trains between Sincan-Kayaş, six lines between Ankara-Behiçbey, five lines between Behiçbey-Sincan and four lines between Ankara and Kayaş have been designed. Within the scope of the project, 24 station building, waiting platform and underpasses were built considering the access needs of disabled citizens. The existing platforms were reorganized and brought into service by subway standards.

Map of Baskentray



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