Card solution for student in Antalya

Card solution for the student in Antalya: Students whose cards are damaged are experiencing difficulties because the system will change. Metropolitan allowed students to benefit from discounts with their ID cards.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department finds a solution to the problems experienced by students in public transportation in Antalya. Some vehicle drivers received full fees due to students' cards that were broken, damaged or that could not be read by the validators for technical reasons.

Hülya Atalay, Head of the Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, stated that complaints are made frequently regarding the issue and said, “The cards cannot be renewed because the system will change or it takes time to fix the faults in the validators. During this time, we have taken our attention so that our students do not have problems ”. Atalay said that they instructed all drivers in public transportation to receive discounted fees from all students in this situation, provided that they show their student ID card.

Ali Tuzun, the chairman of the Antalya Chamber of Minibuses, held A-Kent firm responsible for the frequent malfunctions in the validators who provide access to public transportation vehicles with smart cards. Saying that A-Kent company avoided taking responsibility and did not fix the malfunctions that occurred, Ali Tuzun said, “Especially the citizens who make transfer are experiencing great grief. “We see that an average of 50-60 validator devices per day are broken. However, A-Kent company does not fix the malfunctions in the devices. The problem is caused by the A-Kent firm ”. Ali Tuzun noted that this chaos will end after 45 days.

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