Konyaaltı Beach Is Waiting For The Vacationers

konyaalti beach is waiting for holidaymakers
konyaalti beach is waiting for holidaymakers

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has completed its preparations at the world-famous Konyaaltı Beach, which will be reopened on Monday, June 1, the beginning of the normalization process. Along with the public beach organized in accordance with the Covid-19 measures, the maintenance and repair works of the social facilities and green areas along the coast have been realized.

As the tourism season will begin on Monday, June 1, which is the beginning of the normalization process in the corona virus epidemic, the Metropolitan Municipality has also completed its final preparations in Konyaaltı Beach. After four months of work, the coast was revived and beautified for Antalya people.


Konyaaltı Beach, which has been banned for precautionary reasons due to the pandemic, will begin to serve the citizens again on Monday, June 1, once the normalization process is entered. Within the scope of coronavirus measures, the Metropolitan Municipality Park and Gardens Department teams carried out a comprehensive maintenance and repair in Konyaaltı Beach, including walkways, green areas, urban furniture and changing cabins. Starting from the variant, landscape revisions were made along the Konyaaltı BeachPark and Akdeniz Boulevard line. While plants affected by sea salt and weather conditions were removed, new plants of suitable quality were planted, and seasonal flowers were brought together with the soil. In addition, irrigation infrastructure was improved and irrigation of large areas was provided in a shorter time with the automation system.


Park and Gardens Department carried out a meticulous work throughout the weekend with a large team of 217 people. Painting, maintenance and repair of social reinforcement areas, beach railings, playgrounds and sports equipment were performed. The teams also carried out leveling and beach cleaning on the beach. In addition, the Metropolitan Municipality Sports Department maintained the basketball courts and tennis courts, and the Science Affairs Department maintained the elevator pools. Antalya people and local and foreign tourists will be able to enjoy the sea with peace of mind at Konyaaltı Beach, which has gained a brand new look thanks to the teams' work.


In Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Ekdağ Konyaaltı Beach, all preparations for holidaymakers have been completed. Many applications, from sunbeds and umbrellas to walkways and locker cabins, have been arranged in accordance with the social distance rule. Implementation of precautionary measures will be implemented for public health. In this context, 9 square meters of private areas were created by wrapping the woods fixed to the shore in ropes where the public benefits free of charge. Citizens will be able to bring their umbrellas or towels with peace of mind. Citizens wishing to use sunbeds will also be offered 3, 2 or single options. Sun beds will be disinfected frequently by the staff. After the disinfection process, a new vacationer will be taken to the sunbed, which is kept for 20 minutes. Disinfectant will be squeezed and a mask will be given to the hands of every vacationer coming to the beach. Toilets will include sensor lighting, photocell faucets and contactless soap dispensers. Single shower units will be used instead of multiple shower units.



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