Youngsters Will Distribute Ashura in Nostalgic Tram

Young People Will Distribute Ashura on the Nostalgic Tram: Volunteers from Istanbul will distribute Ashura on Istiklal Avenue at 31 o'clock on Saturday, October 13, for the month of Muharram.

The distribution of ashura, which will be realized with the cooperation of the IMM Youth Council and the General Directorate of IETT Enterprises, will start in Tünel Square, and the ashura distribution will be made at the points where the Nostalgic Tram stops.

Muharram month will be told in the distribution of ashura which will be done by volunteer young people who are members of IMM Youth Council in the car which will be behind the nostalgic tram.

IMM Youth Council President Samed Ağırbaş: “As the Youth Council, our IMM President Dr. We are working to be a model for the world in line with Kadir Topbaş Bey's vision. Today, we wanted to bless our unity and integrity with the hands of young people by distributing ashura in the Nostalgic Tram on Istiklal Street. The month of Ashura and Muharrem is the common value of this country.

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