Reaction to the Writings on the Nostalgic Tram Garage Wall in Düzce

📩 24/12/2018 22:10

Ugly writings on the wall of the tram garage by an unidentified person or persons in Düzce attract reaction. Citizens who said 'It is a pity' to spray the wall with spray paint, wanted irresponsible people who both damaged the state property and caused visual pollution.

While trying to raise awareness about keeping the environment clean within the scope of the 5 June World Environment Day events that span the week, another view that never suits Düzce was experienced!

The walls of the garage where the nostalgic tram that stops on and off Istanbul Street were parked at night were contaminated with spray paints by some irresponsible person or persons. Citizens who saw the posts this morning, this environment and reacted to image pollution.

Duzce Municipality, a service brought to the city by a while ago the garage of the tram to question why such an ugly attempt was made Duzceliler, each hand sprayed on the walls of the head of the penal punishment should be taken to prevent measures. National wealth, as well as damage to the taste of the eye, this pollution was responsible for the presence of those responsible.

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