Turkey has accelerated with the YHT

Turkey has accelerated with the YHT: the year of entry into service in Turkey today 2009 High Speed ​​Train (YHT) has exceeded the number of passengers traveling with 22 million. The 5 XHTX XTR (213) is a total of one thousand 2023 kilometers.

In the 2009 First High Speed ​​Train (YHT) met with Turkey, a journey through the YHT loved so much. 6 22 282 512 2 213 passengers were traveling in the year. Last year, the number of those who prefer the Istanbul-Ankara YHT line XNUMX and half a million approached. Currently serving in Eskişehir-Ankara between İstanbul-Ankara, Ankara-Konya, Konya-Eskişehir and İstanbul-Konya, YHT has reached a total of one thousand XNUMX kilometers.


2023 vision ongoing work by removing the top speed of up to 13 thousand kilometers with the YHT line is aimed at ensuring access to the four corners of Turkey. YHT line Eskisehir-Ankara, Turkey's first line opened in 2009. Even 12 million 103 thousand 188 people have been traveling without interruption. 2 million 454 thousand 92 passengers preferred Istanbul-Ankara line and 522 thousand 79 passengers preferred Istanbul-Konya line.


Since 2011, when the Ankara-Konya line was put into service, 6 million 756 thousand 766 passengers have carried 446 thousand 397 passengers on the Eskişehir-Konya line. 5 million 22 thousand 282 passengers have traveled to 512 lines that have been put into service on different dates. In addition, it has been reported that the efforts to complete the 22-kilometer-long Doğançay Ripagi on the Istanbul-Ankara line will continue and will be completed next year. After the completion of the work, the journey between the two lines will be shorter by 20 minutes.

There are offers for Konya

An invitation was sent to 7 of the 4 companies that submitted bids for the Konya subways project, which was tendered by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Infrastructure Investments General Directorate, to submit their technical and financial offers. The Konya Subways tender, which is about 45 kilometers long, planned to be the backbone of public transportation in Konya, was held on October 13. While proposals were received from 7 companies that submitted the prequalification file, 4 firms were found to be invited to submit their technical and financial offers.

Ankara-Sivas YHT 2 watches

The construction of the YHT project, which will reduce the 603 km distance between Ankara and Sivas, which is one of the important axes of the railway corridor connecting Asia Minor and the Asian countries on the Silk Road route, to 405 kilometers, continues. With the completion of the project, the travel time between Ankara and Sivas will decrease from 12 hours to 2 hours.

Ankara-Izmir YHT final speed

Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar construction works of the project; Afyonkarahisar-Banaz, Banaz-Eşme in the project preparation and tender process continues. The current railway in Ankara-Izmir is the 824 mileage and the travel time is about 14 hours. Distance between two cities will be 624 kilometers, duration 3 hours 30 minutes.

Konya-Karaman 40 minutes

With the completion of the 102 km line, the travel time between Konya and Karaman will decrease from 1 hour 13 minutes to 40 minutes. Karaman-Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep Project Construction tender and project preparation studies are continuing to provide high-speed transportation from Istanbul, Ankara and Konya to Karaman-Mersin-Adana-Gaziantep provinces.

Sivas-Erzincan YHT tender

The project, which is a continuation of the East-West corridor and which will link the Kars-Tbilisi Railway Project, to revive the historical Silk Road, is in the tender preparation and project preparation phase.

Istanbul-Edirne will be YHT 230 km

The project related to the high-speed train project continues during the project preparation phase. Edirne-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (Halkalı-Kapıkule) Operation speed 200 km / s and 230 km long line is expected to start work next year.

Antalya-Kayseri line will carry 10 million cargo

The 642 million passengers will be approximately 18,5 km length, will be 18 million tons cargo per year, 423 million tons freight, 10 million tons of freight, 3,8 km route, XNUMX million tons freight, XNUMX will carry the million passengers per year.

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  1. I have a practical suggestion for the lines to be made towards Eastern Anatolia. A new line of work is being done from the sharp side. This line is a very important project since it will also mean YHT between Istanbul and Baku. between the max. It will be very nice to provide direct transportation even if it is 160 km so that it will be possible to transport YHT to Diyarbakır fast and safely from Istanbul to Ankara, Antalya and Konya. This project will bring serious changes in the point of view of the people of the region.

    My second important suggestion is the submarine tube passage (such as the Eurasian tunnel), which will have a railway line instead of the bridge to Çanakkale. this will not only protect the historical silhouette, but will also cost less financially. Making a way to the bridge from Bandırma to the bridges and making a way to the bridge in lapsekidere will be a significant alternative to Istanbul in the bridge of Istanbul from Istanbul to Istanbul.