Wedding photo of Marmaray 330 lira

In the 330 pounds Marmaray wedding photo: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in the Marmaray project by signing an interesting company opened the station and stand in certain areas.

TCDD has posted the posters titled düğün Marmaray in your commercial and social activities arak by stopping at stations and stations and announced that these areas could be used for concerts, theater, exhibitions and wedding photography.

In the places determined as a result of the application to be made to the Marmaray Passenger Directorate, organizations can be organized according to the size of the area. Marmaray, which makes a voyage between Kazlıçeşme and Ayrılık Fountain, will be able to organize at all other stations except Sirkeci.

250 thousand TL with 10
During the organizations, the passengers will not be victimized, the entrance exits will not be blocked and the prestige of TCDD will be taken into consideration.

TCDD, XIII, 2 in Yenikapı and 5 station in Üsküdar station are located at Ayrılık Çeşmesi and Kazlıçeşme. According to the organization to be held in Marmaray, the prices are as follows: Exhibition organization 7 TL per day, culture, tourism and scientific organization daily 580 TL, promotion, cocktail, dinner and other organizations daily 50 thousand TL, stand daily 10 TL, wedding photos 250 TL. The fee to be paid for commercial photo shoots 330 TL for 2, 660 TL for every hour after the 2 hour.

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