Minister Turhan: 'Ankara Express Starts Expeditions As of Today'

minister turhan ankara express starts its flights today
minister turhan ankara express starts its flights today

Minister Turhan, in his speech at the 2nd National Eastern Express "Tam O An" Photography Contest Award Ceremony held by Türk Telekom at The Ankara Hotel, said that the "Ankara Express", which is known as the "Legendary Express", will start its flights as of today.

Expressing that trains bring the beauties of Anatolia to the world, Turhan said:

“As a nation, we have a very sublime and strong spirit. As the whole world stretches the railways, we have built an average of 1950 kilometers of railroads per year after 18. During our governments, we started to build an average of 135 kilometers of railroads per year. Since the first day, we have overhauled the rails that did not even nail, we modernized all our lines. We all face the laugh yht, we have made the Marmaray. Finally, our people met the railroad again, remembered the train, got comfortable, safe, comfortable transportation. ”

Turhan pointed out that the Eastern Express took its share from them and stated that the express proudly set out to reveal the country's magnificent beauties and hidden riches.

Stating that the Eastern Express hosted 436 thousand 755 people last year, Turhan reminded that this number once dropped to 20 thousand.

Turhan stated that Van Lake Express, which was almost not used in the past years, also carried 269 thousand passengers last year, and that it saw that the train journeys that people can enjoy by enjoying the beauties of the country are not limited to the Eastern Express.

Turhan reminded that they also started the Touristic Eastern Express expedition on 29 May upon intensive demand, and said that they were pleased with the great interest in this train.

Turhan pointed out that the “Ankara Express”, known as “Legendary Express”, will also be restarted as of today, since this express is completed from Ankara and Halkalıreported that he would move every day at 22.00.

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