International student train departs

International students train sets off: Prime Overseas Turkey Bursa and Turkey which makes training base in the world, Turkish and Relative Communities Directorate (MDO), will provide for the first time international students with programs that implement Turkey to recognize more closely. With the International Student Train event, the most successful 15 student selected from the 40 thousand international students will take the 4 daily train journey.

Turkey Bursa brands in the world of international student orientation of important developments floor, which overseas the drawing point Turkey of mobility Turks and Relative Communities Directorate (YTB) has added a new chapter to the activities made available to international students. With the project launched this year, the 40 brings the 40 student from the country to the 4 daily train journey.

With the International Student Train project, which was launched for the first time this year, the student group 40 is now departing from Istanbul by train. The International Student Train, which will depart from Istanbul, will arrive first in Eskişehir. The train that will arrive in Ankara will be welcomed at the train station in Ulus. The train will then travel to Kayseri and Konya. YTB ​​projects receiving education in Turkey Turkey Scholarship students by providing social and cultural guidance, aiming to diversify their personal development and education.

Students who will use the conventional and fast train during the journey will visit the historical and cultural places of the cities they go. The students met during trips and visits to other provinces in Turkey is aimed at international students and get to know the history and culture. Students train ride along the YTB and Turkey will be shown presentations about the interviews will be held in Bursa. International Student Train 04 October 2015 will move from Konya to Istanbul. After the train reaches Istanbul, the program will end.

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