China, Trabzon-Batumi railway stepped in!

China, Trabzon-Batum railway commissioned for: NAPC President Gürdoğan, China-Trabzon project to meet the cost of the project between the Batum themselves announced that they brought.

Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union President Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, announced the great demand. Gürdoğan said that China was in the agenda for the railway project on Trabzon's agenda olduğun such that they even did feasibility studies. They want to reach to Europe by way of Rail through Batumi. They even quietly did the feasibility study. If there is an agreement, they will construct the Batum-Trabzon railway to cover all costs (build-operate-transfer).

Edi We are still talking about Erzincan Trabzon Railroad, un said Gürdoğan. Alı The only choice should be the Batumi-Trabzon-Samsun railway line. We need to connect to China with the use of 65 rail in Asia. Railway transport rate in Turkey is xnumx't%. Will we get a share of 3,% 65? Is it important to connect to the world or to Erzincan? How many trucks come from Erzincan to Trabzon? What do they produce in Erzincan?

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