The UK subway is now safer

📩 06/12/2018 18:08

The UK subway is now more secure: an agreement has been signed between the French industrial battery manufacturer Saft and Alstom. According to the agreement, it was decided to buy replacement batteries for the 1 million Euro for the metro line of the London underground. Nickel alloy built-in SRM batteries will be taken. These batteries provide the necessary energy for passenger comfort systems (such as radio, television and announcements) and some security systems.

According to Alstom's purchasing manager Matt Goff, Saft's high-security technology and the low price it offers, however, are the reason they work with Saft.

According to the statistics, the north line of the London subway stands out as a top-level metro with capacity of 250 million passengers and 50 units. According to the statement, such a high-capacity line, Saft produced by the high-security nickel alloy SRM batteries are now more comfortable and safe.

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