French Government Trying to Convince High Speed ​​Train Manufacturer Alstom

alstom bombardier
alstom bombardier

The French government is trying to persuade the fast train manufacturer Alstom: The French government has reacted to the decision by the French Alstom, one of the largest international companies in the energy and rail transport sector, to close the train production section at the Belfort factory.

Alstom announced last week that it has decided to move the Belfort plant in the south of the country where it has been producing since 1880 to Reichshoffen, near the 2018 meter of the German border, until 200.

Finance Minister Michel Sapin, Alstom, management, potential customers, trade unions and local governors in the region will work to ensure that the production will continue to Belfortta said.

The French government had previously declared Alstom's decision ist abrupt Fransa and that the decision was taken without consultation.
The 9 employee of the 480 employee in Belfort, Alstom, with a total of 400 thousand employees, will be offered work at their facilities scattered throughout the company's 11 French city, while the facilities at Belfort will be used for maintenance and repair activities.

Roland François, one of the most common organization of the workers' movement in France, said that they hoped that behind all these developments there would be no political step ahead of the 2017 presidential elections and that they expected the process to be concluded as soon as possible.

Alstom, which produces high-speed trains for companies such as TGV and Eurostar, as well as metro trains, has the 20 partnership of the French government.

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