Malatya trumpuses quarterly 1 million 200 thousand passengers

Malawi trambuses quarterly 1 million 200 thousand passengers:% 75 Energy Saving Eco-Friendly Trambuses

The TRAMBUs, which started to carry passengers by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality about 3 months ago, are attracted by the citizens.
According to the information given on the subject, Trambuses, which started to serve between MAŞTİ - University, received full marks from citizens due to their high quality, comfort and quiet.

1 million 200 thousand passengers in three months

The Trambuses served by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality for the service of the citizen, the 1 million 200 thousand passengers served in a short period of three months. The first local production in Turkey TRAMBUS comfort, convenience, quiet, has won the admiration of our people occur because of favorable economic and modern technology.

The low cost of maintenance for the Trambuses corresponds with the targeted operating cost due to the low cost of personnel.

In the last three months of the Trambus, it was clear that they were much more economical than diesel-fueled vehicles.

While it was determined that approximately 1 million 200 thousand passengers were transported with Trambuses in three months and approximately 380 thousand lira of energy was spent for this transport; If the same number of passengers were carried by diesel vehicles, the cost would be approximately 1 million 100 thousand liras. In line with these figures, it is seen that a saving of approximately 75% - 80% is achieved.

Preventing environmental pollution

Thanks to the Trambus, which was put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality which gives great importance to human health and environment, the emission of 3 tons of carbon dioxide into the nature was prevented in the last 27,85 months.



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