The Trambus Period Begins in Şanlıurfa

Trambus Period starts in Şanlıurfa: The Metropolitan Municipality, which facilitates transportation in Şanlıurfa by making innovations every day in public transportation, increases the quality in public transportation with Trambüs.

Speaking on the Trambus introductory program, Mayor Ciftci said: ında We preferred this system because it is the most comfortable, accurate, economical, feasible, comfortable, environmentally friendly, without damaging the historical texture and also carrying the 270 person with a vehicle Tr

In the GAPTEM Conference Hall, Sanliurfa Governor Mayor Azim Tuna, Sanliurfa Governor Halil Ozcan, Mehmet Ali Cevheri, Police Chief Veysel Tipoglu, District Mayors, AK Party Provincial Chairman Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül and citizens attended the Trambus promotion program. .

Mehmet Can Hallaç, Head of Transportation Department of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, General Directorate of Transportation of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Bozankaya The company started with the briefings of those responsible.

Nihat Çiftçi, Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, said: an We worked with the Transportation Department, Transportation Professor Rafet Bozdoğan, Kayseri Transportation Directorate and our university with the transportation master plan. Sanliurfa as the old and new settlement divided into two. Continuous bus support to the old districts of Balıklıgöl began to disrupt traffic. We decided on the most suitable system in order to connect the new settlement area of ​​Harran University with Osman Bey Campus, Karaköprü with the new settlement area and Eyyübiye State Hospital to the central one. 70 saves on every kind of transportation. It goes with the battery system, there is no noise pollution in any place. According to the tram system, the only difference is that you install the system without putting the rail. As a whole team, we have tried to do the best in Şanlıurfa. 1 million 940 use the right of a thousand population because we know that. This is our basic point. We had to make the right decision. This system is the most comfortable, accurate, economical, feasible, comfortable, environmentally friendly, do not harm the historical texture and also because it is a system that carries the 270 person with a vehicle, "he said, adding that the system of Kayseri, Bursa, Mugla and Istanbul Municipalities work.

Mehmet Ali Cevheri, who thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for bringing this system to Nihat Çiftçi, said: ğinden The implementation of this project is the work of a visionary perspective. It is now being implemented in Malatya and many other countries of the world. Sahip He said that there would be even greater investments because they had a political understanding that puts the public interest in front of the individual and the non-governmental organizations that question it.

Member of Parliament Halil Özcan thanked the Farmer for his support: We know that Old Urfa is not suitable for another system. Many systems will be served in the city with the most appropriate system en.

Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, the AK Party Provincial Chairman who expressed his gratitude for the promotion program made with the transparent Municipality example, wished the new system would be beneficial in the city.

The first stage of the 4 Stage project will be from the 7736 meter-long public transport center to the inter-museum area. 2. The stage of the public transport center to Karaköprü, 3. The public transport center from Eyyubiye State Hospital and 4. The transport stage will be provided by the New Generation Public Transport System Trambus between Harran University and Osman Bey Campus.

25 meter length trambles vehicles, Line and Warehouse building will be monitored by 52 camera, line short circuits for overhead line security and line, transformer supply voltages will be controlled from scada and sensors with instant monitoring from the monitoring center. It will be possible to intervene to the system via computer. The occupancy of the vehicles on the route, the position in the line and the number of citizens in the stops will be monitored instantly and the operative capacity will be increased.

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