Rail Systems in Eskişehir

Rail Systems in Eskişehir: Ray Rail Systems Eskişehir Meeting cek, which brings together the stakeholders of the rail system sector, was held in Eskişehir.

Iş Rail Systems Eskişehir Meeting ”which brings together the stakeholders of the rail systems sector was held in Eskişehir.
At the opening of the event held at Anadolu University Congress Center, Eskişehir Governor Güngör Azim Tuna and Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) Chairman Savaş M. Özaydemir spoke. Pointing out that there is a railway industry in the historical background of Eskişehir, Tuna said, “There is also a sub-industry in our city that started to be formed in this regard. Although neighboring provinces carry out studies in this area, it is not easy to create the savings in Eskişehir. ”
Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) Chairman of the War M. Özaydemir in his assessment, pointed out that the rail system sector is critical for Eskisehir. Özaydemir emphasized that aviation and rail systems are of great importance for Eskişehir's future in their strategy studies and said that certification is very important in domestic production. Özaydemir emphasized the importance of Anadolu University's National Rail Systems Research and Testing Center project in certification and pointed out the necessity of ensuring long-term agreements between state-owned companies and subsidiary industry in the field of rail systems.
Özaydemir stated that there is a sub-industrial power created under the success achieved in the white goods sector. This was achieved in white goods and was successful. In addition, the only locomotive producer TÜLOMSAŞ will be provided with autonomy and the side industry will record important stages, Ayrıca he said.
Rector of Anadolu University Dr. In her speech, Naci Gündoğan talked about her work in the field of rail systems.
Speaking after the opening of the meeting organized with the cooperation of National Rail Systems Research and Test Center and TÜLOMSAŞ Railways Cluster Group, Kenan Işık, the Head of Rail Systems Cluster, spoke about the current situation of Eskişehir in the field of rail systems and the new developments in Eskişehir in terms of the sector.
Prof. Dr. URAYSİM Project Coordinator Dr. SHE IS. Mete Koçkar gave information about the current situation of the project.
The contractor General Manager Hayri Avci, Eskisehir TÜLOMSAS mentioning the recent developments in the rail system in Turkey has announced to presenting the possible repercussions.


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