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TCDD top management changed (Custom News)

TCDD's senior management has changed: After Ömer Yıldız was appointed as the General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors at TCDD; Deputy General Manager and Members of the Board of Directors with Ali Uygun and Emin Tekbaş. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Questionnaire on Istanbul metro signaling

Proposal on Istanbul metro signaling: CHP IMM Assembly Member Taner from CHP KazanHis son brought up the issue of signaling in subways. Taner from CHP Kazanasked his son, Mayor Topbaş: Wrong tender for the Metro Signaling process in Istanbul [more…]


Will TCDD recruit staff

Will TCDD recruit personnel: TCDD announced that it will hire 2014 workers in the first month of 1. However, TCDD's staff recruitment has entered its 772th month. TCDD announced in the first month of 7. [more…]