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Questionnaire on Istanbul metro signaling

Istanbul metro signaling a question about the proposal: CHP IMM Assembly Member CHP Taner Kazanoglu, brought the issue of signaling in the subway. Taner Kazanoğlu CHP asked Mayor Topbaş: Metro tender in Istanbul, the wrong tender process [more…]


Will TCDD recruit staff

Will TCDD recruit staff: TCDD 2014 of 1. 772 announced in March that it will recruit workers. However, the recruitment of TCDD is 7. has entered. TCDD 2014 of 1. Posted by [more…]


RayHaber 26.06.2015 Tender Bulletin

Combined passenger transportation service will be built Composite Sabo Will Be Obtained (TÜLOMSAŞ) Driver car rental service will be taken (TÜDEMSAŞ) Ankara Kayseri Line Km: 364 + 990-379 + 000 Between 22120 m will be exported Road elevation due to shortness of bridge [more…]