Adana Şakirpaşa Level Crossing Event (Photo Gallery)

Adana Şakirpaşa Level Crossing Event: For the Geç International Level Crossing Awareness Day aşa, 6. Regional Directorate of Adana Sakirpasa Bekçili, under the Bariyerli Level Crossing in the scope of activities, passing by the road vehicle drivers, pedestrians, crossing the rules of compliance with the rules are very important for the prevention of accidents, it is emphasized that people using level crossings should be more careful, the brochures related to level crossings a variety of food and beverages were served.
TCDD 6. Regional Director Mustafa ÇOPUR said that in order to prevent accidents in level crossings, citizens should act 'very carefully' in Level Crossings, 'Caution Saves Life', rules and signs must be strictly adhered to, and drivers must stop before passing through Barrier or Barrier-Free Level Passage. he stressed that the sensitivity of the citizens is important in that it should pass after making sure that a railroad vehicle is not approaching.

TCDD 's high sense of responsibility, the citizens of life and property security threatening to minimize level crossing accidents in order to minimize the TCDD and very great efforts are noted that the 6. Regional Director Mustafa ÇOPUR, emin 2003 626 442 in the number of crossing the level of the passage to 131 and we have made them into the 12 gate Controlled Level Crossing. While reducing the number of Level Crossings in our area and making it Protected, we have renewed the highway sign plates and as a result of the improvements we have made in order to increase the transition comfort of highway vehicles, the level crossing accidents in the last XNUMX yearly in our Region have decreased significantly and our efforts to further reduce these accidents will continue. ”Used the expressions.
TCDD 6. Regional Director Mustafa ÇOPUR, in the period ahead by making larger investments at the level crossings GOAL: ”zero accident emin and to achieve this goal will continue to work without losing speed.



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