EIA process started for İzmir Körfez Tube Crossing Project

The EIA process has started for the İzmir Bay Tube Transition Project: The EIA process on the Gulf Tube Transition Project, which is among the 2011 Izmir project announced by the government at 35, has started. Two sides of the city will be connected to each other by a Marmaray-like system by the construction of the project
The EIA process for the Gulf Tube Transition Project, which was among the 2011 projects announced by the government prior to the 35 general elections, started. The work of the project to be carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will begin after the approval of the EIA. Üçkuyular-Çiğli launched a ministerial work for the planned project.
Ask for public
In a statement made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, “Izmir province Balçova, Narlıdere, Karşıyaka The Environmental Impact Assessment process for the İzmir Gulf Crossing (Including Highway and Rail System) project, which is planned to be carried out by the General Directorate of Highways at the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications within the borders of Çiğli and Çiğli District, has started and the Environmental Impact Assessment Application File has been opened for public opinion. For the purpose of informing the public about the project and getting their opinions and suggestions, the EIA Regulation is prepared according to 9. Article 25 June 2015'te Public Participation Meeting will be held ”said.
After the meeting where the opinions and evaluations of the public will be taken, the EIA process and other studies will be started. The cost of the project is expected to reach 3 billion 520 million TL. On the other hand, alternative routes were created in the EIA file, which was prepared in relation to the problems in the zoning plans in the past.
Here are the details:
* Within the scope of the new project, which will start from the 2 Main Jet Base Site in Çiğli, road connection will be provided to Narlıdere Sahilevleri.
* When determining the route for the rail system according to the project, Karşıyaka The line will start from Mavişehir and will be connected to Üçkuyular from İzmir Bay.
* By the immersion tunnel method to be built under the Gulf, two sides of the city will be connected with a similar system like Marmaray. In addition to the 2693 meter submarine tunnel (tube walkway), two artificial islands will be built in the gulf and on the Gulf coast.
* According to the project that will connect Çiğli to Balçova, it is aimed to provide transportation integrity between the two sides of the gulf, while the gulf will be crossed with a special bridge and an artificial island to be formed at the end of the bridge and immersed tunnel will allow the passage of ships from here.
* Within the scope of the project, which will shorten the İzmir Ring Road, it is planned to transfer to the Mavişehir-Üçkuyular tram line.
* According to the project, the total length of the 4,2 mile bridge, 880 meter artificial island, a thousand 800 meters immersed tube tunnel and 16 bin 400 meters will be built in the rail system, according to the project.
* Within the scope of the Mega project, there will be a total 6 lane highway and 2 lane rail system route.

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