Selcukta IZBAN Line for Digging Hit

Pickaxe Shot for İZBAN Line in Selçuk: The first digging was hit for İZBAN line, which is projected to extend to Selçuk district of İzmir and whose construction site has been established.

The first digging was hit for the İZBAN line, which was projected to be extended to the Selçuk district of İzmir and whose construction site was established.

In the district of Selçuk, the first digging for the İZBAN line, which is highly anticipated and the construction site was established, was shot recently. İZBAN line consists of 26 kilometers, the number of stations involved in the project has tripled. The contractor company started to work quickly in the region. Zeynel Bakıcı, the Mayor of Selçuk, stated that the works are planned to be completed in 540 days.

Noting that the other works between Torbalı-Selçuk will be carried out simultaneously by another company and it is anticipated that all these works will be completed in approximately two years, Bakıcı said that with the arrival of İZBAN in Selçuk, the district accelerated in terms of tourism, agriculture and culture. kazanHe drew attention to his leg. Expressing that the citizens of İzmir will commute more frequently and more quickly with a faster and easier transportation network to Selçuk, Bakıcı said, “Selçuk will be a destination area with these extremely important works. in Aliağa, Foça, Menemende, Karşıyakain BayraklıOur citizens in the city center will be able to come directly to Selcuk, so our Seljuk citizens will be able to reach the same regions quickly and easily. In Selçuk, the rate of visiting the ruins will increase with the convenience of İZBAN. Our citizens, our students will come more to the ruins, Saint John, Ephesus, the House of Virgin Mary and our Şirince neighborhood. "When this study is completed, we expect a very important movement in domestic tourism."

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