Foreign influx to Canal Istanbul

Foreign influx to Kanal Istanbul: From the Far East to Europe, foreign investors from 20 countries took Kanal Istanbul and the 3rd Airport on their radar. Foreigners bought 2 thousand acres of land

There is an influx of foreigners to the region where the construction of the 3rd Airport, which started with the route of the crazy project Kanal Istanbul, is located. Investors from 20 countries from Japan to Kuwait bought approximately 2 thousand decares of land in the region. The villages where foreigners bought the most land were Dursunköy, Çilingir, Baklalı, Boyalık, Karaburun, Yeniköy, Sazlıbosna, Hacımaşlı and Şamlar in Arnavutköy. A new investor comes to Arnavutköy every day. The square meter prices of the lands within the project area vary between 300-500 lira. In the last 1.5 years, companies with foreign capital have been purchasing a large number of agricultural lands in the region, some of which have zoned lands with a view of the Canal Istanbul and the 3rd Airport.

President Tayyip Erdogan, after his visit to Colombia, Cuba and Mexico last month, said to the authorities of the company that will build Kanal Istanbul, 'You have to start the project as soon as possible. Turkey will announce the name of the most important projects on the international platform Canal Istanbul. We said, 'Don't be late, hurry up,' the mobility has increased even more after the statement. In addition to the airport project and Kanal Istanbul, the marina and marina projects to be built in the Black Sea have also become a center of attraction for foreigners.

"Land prices in Arnavutköy and its surroundings have increased up to 10 times in the last two years," said Nizameddin Aşa, head of the Istanbul Chamber of Real Estate Agents and Consultants. Ka Yapı Chairman Hasan Kaya said, “Investors from Germany also receive information about the region. Some investors even bought lands through Turkish partner companies. The region will become Istanbul's new Yeşilköy and Florya, Ataköy ”.

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