Minister Arslan is passing 20 car from Osmazgazi bridge

Minister Arslan, 20 thousand vehicles pass through the Osmazgazi bridge: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, "I do not want to enter the polemics but the comments are being made with incomplete information. Today, the average daily passes over the bridge are over 5 thousand. This figure exceeded our expectations. ” Arslan also said that the transition price will not change.
TRANSPORTATION Minister of Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan evaluated the allegations that the transitions were very low due to the high wages on the Osmangazi Bridge, where the money transfer, which was opened on 30 June, started on 11 July. The claim that the number of daily crossings on the bridge remained in 5-6 thousand in the past days, and therefore the Treasury should make a serious guarantee payment and was a major discussion in the press. Arslan spoke clearly about these allegations: “As of July 11, the average crossings on the bridge are over 20 thousand. This figure is above our expectations. ”
Indicating that the discussions about Osmangazi Bridge are not a subject to be involved in politics, Arslan said, “For one thing, Osmangazi Bridge has only one part of the project and a 385-kilometer highway section, and all of them will end at the beginning of 2018. Currently, only 58 kilometers of the project are over with the Osmangazi Bridge. Today, over 20 thousand vehicles pass over the bridge on average. This is above the figures we originally anticipated. There is a comment with missing information. ”
Noting that the public did not pay even 5 cents while doing the project, Arslan said: “Of course, nobody does it for the benefit of his father. But it is necessary to take into account that the processes related to the Treasury guarantee are calculated by considering the averages at the end of the year. Such a project should be evaluated in 3-6 month periods. No project takes its load from the first day in the beginning. It is predicted that the number of vehicles passing in the medium and long term will increase. There will be no change in the transition fees of the bridge. While setting the price, we observed a cost-benefit balance. We cannot work if we consider the interests of some individuals and groups. The interests of the country, the region and the people of the region are our main priorities. ”
Explaining that they are working as a government to create new funds-resources for infrastructure projects in transportation, Arslan said, “This is a special work separate from the asset fund. We will soon clarify the details and share it with the public. ”
MINISTER Arslan, noting that it was something of a coup attempt nobody wants made the following statement about major projects: "But another window of view as it sits democracy in Turkey, citizens that come with the democratic rule of law within the scope of rights has been demonstrated to the world. At this moment, the permanence of a democratic state outside world is actually an important reason to look more confidently to Turkey. We will continue big projects. There is no hitch. On August 26, we will open the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge with a high-participation ceremony, we have a job for 10-15 days. Works in the Eurasia Tunnel continue at full speed. Except for the first day or two of the coup attempt, work continues with intensive overtime. We are working to open it on December 20. At the 3rd airport, 16 thousand people work 24 hours a day. The target is to finish the project in the first quarter of 2018. When something goes wrong with the projects, we intervene quickly. ”
Ahmet Arslan, who said that they focused on the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge in terms of NEW projects, said: “We want to finish the tender and start work at the beginning of the year. The route studies were carried out at many points in Kanal Istanbul and came to the final stage. We are now talking about financial methods. After naming the financial method, we will start the tender process. Whether we will use public resources, will be build-operate, or will we work with public-private sector in another way, we are working on all these. In this project, possible routes are already on the public agenda, we are working on all of them. ”
Reminding that a tender has been launched for the 3-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel project in ISTANBUL after July 15, Minister Arslan gave the following details: “3 companies received technical competence. We will open financial offers on August 10. The tender process for Filyos Port has been completed recently. The site was delivered, the digging will be hit nowadays and the project will begin. One of the best indications that things did not stop after July 15 is that the construction of this port has started. Rize-Artvin airport is the second largest airport we will build on the sea. Here, we want to get a tender date for the first half of September. We want to finish the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project by the end of the year and start operating the train. We want to speed up all projects. Our country had a troubled period. The way to get through this fast is through the growth of trade and the economy and walking to the 2023 targets. Transportation infrastructure projects are therefore important. ”
"From being a bridge over the turkey geography, in terms of world trade corridors are trying to make the bridge" Arslan Minister makes the comment, "When you connect projects with each other in Turkey, will emerge a corridor your goods internationally can move quickly and economically. But international circles, the center of trade-transportation in the world, this market shift in Turkey began to "stop" they meant. We do not want Turkey to press our veins, they do not want Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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