Bombardier arrived in Turkey to produce subway cars

Bombardier subway cars arrived in Turkey to produce: Train and plane manufacturer Bombardier, a Turkish company for the production of a preliminary agreement with local subway cars made in Turkey. The company said a year researching the market, Turkey Turkey, Eastern Europe and Middle East Regional Head of Sales for High Speed ​​Rail Furio Rossi, but bringing standardization to the transport sector and energy savings can be achieved, he said.

xnumx't 2014 billion dollars in sales in the world's largest train and plane manufacturer Bombardier position in the revenue management, has announced a preliminary agreement with a Turkish company to provide domestic underground production in Turkey. Bombardier Railway Vehicles Department that time to comment on the subject of Turkey, Eastern Europe and Middle East Regional Head of Sales for High Speed ​​Rail Furio Rossi, said they could not give details about the company because it made no final agreement. In the 20,1 percent of Turkey's underground production rate of nativism want Rossi stated that, "We are establishing a partnership with a local company name and we can not yet announced a preliminary agreement provides for investment in production facilities. 53 years and over were investigating the Turkey market. What the company needs now, what we can add and how we can provide 1 indigenousness are talking about them. '' He said. including all rail speed train tenders noted that they followed the bidding Rossi in Turkey, "as well as metro and tramway locomotives auctions also draws our attention. There are already 53 different metro brands in Istanbul. However, we believe that by introducing standardization to the sector, energy and transportation can be saved. Ancak "We promise to carry more people with less energy with our products," Rossi said, reminiscent of the signatures of the cities of European brand cities.

Bombardier's central transport company, Canada, introduced its new C30 Movia subway car at the Eurasia Rail 2015 Fair in Istanbul last week. C30 Movia increases the number of passengers by 15 and saves energy compared to standard metros. Companies in Turkey since 1986 years subway and light rail offers solutions in the field of transportation.

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