Polish influx of Palandökene

Polish influx to Palandökene: Four years ago, the Winter Games in Erzurum attracted European ski lovers to Palandöken. Can Dikmen, the owner of the Xanadu Snow White Hotel, said: "The interest of Polish tourists in particular is great."

Palandöken, which has recently been shining in winter tourism, has been flooded by Poles. Palandöken, which welcomed 2014 Polish tourists in 4, is expected to receive nearly 500 thousand skiers from the country this year. ETF Turizm/Xanadu Snow White Chairman of the Board, Can Dikmen, said that Palandöken has started to become the center of winter tourism. Dikmen said, “Four years ago, the region was recognized with the Winter Games held in Erzurum. Hosting the 6 European Youth Winter Olympic Festival (EYOF) kazanIt has increased its awareness both at home and abroad.” Emphasizing that Palandoken has become a favorite of Polish tourists in particular, Dikmen said that this is followed by tourists from the Russian, Ukrainian, Iranian and Middle Eastern markets. Emphasizing that they host nearly 40 percent of the foreign tourists coming to Erzurum in their hotels, Dikmen said, “Our hotel, which we opened in the 2011-2012 season, soon became one of the best-known establishments in the region both in terms of physical and service. Our investments, such as artificial snow and runway lighting, also contributed to this success.”

Stating that they divided the season in Palandöken into two as summer and winter, Dikmen said, “Last year, we closed the winter season that started on December 1, 2013 and lasted until March 31, 2014 with 72 percent occupancy. The average occupancy rate of the summer season is around 55 percent ”. Stating that they have set a target occupancy of 85 percent this winter, Dikmen noted that this high expectation is due to the increase in the domestic market. Dikmen said: “The interest of the domestic market increases exponentially every year. Despite the low rainfall last year, our region was good. But there was no surge in the number of tourists. I think we are collecting the fruits of this this year. "

Stating that Erzurum has a bed capacity of approximately 2, Dikmen stated that the region needs 500 more beds. Dikmen said, “There are two ski centers in Erzurum, Konaklı and Palandöken. The bed supply is insufficient, especially in Konaklı. The region needs new investors, ”he said.

Dikmen said that Xanadu Snow White Hotel has a total of 12 thousand meters long natural and 2 thousand 500 meters long artificial snow tracks. Dikmen said, “We also have an 800-meter sled track and chairlift units with a capacity of 200 people. also with international safety standards that we have in Turkey the FIS (Federation Internationale de Ski) -approved only private ski slopes us, "he said.

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