Erbaadan Pass Train Will Pass

Erbaas to pass the train Mi: As it is known for years of continuous speculation about the train will pass Erbaa'dan. Ilar No, we leave a share of the main road, no trains will be started this year, there is no high-speed train, not a train bu.

Erbaa-train 'Google' when we make a search against the former Mayor Ahmet YENİHAN 's urban city transport wants to use the light rail tram system (although dreams) comes out.

Whether the high-speed train or land train project will take place;

Transport Minister Lütfi ELVAN 2015 9 more than billion dollars will be spent on the rail system, he said. But even among the places where the money will be spent, the line of the Amasya-Taşova-Erbaa-Niksar-Erzincan line was not even read. It doesn't look like it's being read. A city like Erbaa, which aims to become a major industrial city in the future, remains to look forward to the future.

I hope that the politicians and businessmen of Erbaalı will start making backstones in a short time. 2016 in the budget allocated in the Kelkit Valley a little bit to share a wish X

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