Minister Canikli explained! The second rail network is coming

Minister Canikli explained! The second rail network is coming: The Minister of Customs and Trade, Canikli, and the Iranian Minister for Communication and Information, the Vaiz, held a press conference.

Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin Canikli, positive momentum between Turkey and Iran kazanStating that they are determined to maintain relations at the moment, he said, "Our goal is to ensure that all obstacles and restrictions on trade between the two countries are removed." Canikli, who made contacts in Tehran, at the press conference he held with Iranian Communications and Information Minister Mahmud Vaizi, “The acceleration of the relations between the two countries has been accelerated recently. kazanIt is a very positive development, which is commendable. We want this process to continue intensifying. We are absolutely determined on this issue," he said. Defining Turkey and Iran as "two countries with an incredible weight in the region and deep historical partnerships", Canikli said, "Taking these into consideration, I think that the relations between the two countries should be at a much more advanced level. "We are very happy to see the sincere will of the Iranian side in our talks today," he said. Canikli said, "The main goal of the relations that continue to progress in the coming period is to remove all obstacles and restrictions in front of the trade between the two countries," and added that the Preferential Trade Agreement that entered into force is a very important step and a door for this goal. Referring to the opposition of some Iranian producers to the agreement, Canikli said, “This agreement may be criticized at first and may lead to discussions, but it will make a very serious contribution for both countries' industrial sectors and companies in a very short time for both countries. When we made the customs union agreement with the European Union, we faced great criticism. It was criticized that this would put Turkish companies in trouble, that they would not be able to compete against European companies and that there would be a serious market loss. But at the point we have reached today, Turkish companies have gained a very strong competitive power in all international arenas.”

Canikli noted that “they expect that the arrival and departure between the two countries will increase in the coming period, but also the trade volume will increase”. He continued: “In order for this to happen, we are working intensely on these issues, which need to open additional customs gates and renew existing gates. Work has also begun to establish common industrial zones where Iran and Turkish companies will invest jointly. I hope our technical delegation will come to Iran soon to see the plots and discuss these issues. Our aim is to facilitate all these flows especially between the two countries, to establish their infrastructure and to accelerate them. Similarly, we continue our efforts to transfer financial services to Iran more intensely. ”

Iran Communication and Information Minister Mahmud Vaizi also discussed the construction of Hoy-Razi street in addition to Bazergan in transportation, the use of the Hoy-Razi road in addition to Bazergan, and said, "The decision to start the construction of a second rail network. We gave ”information.

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