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An Exemplary Project from Kavanlar İnşaat: I have always appreciated the industrialists and businessmen who put their hands under the responsibility of saying “We are here” in the place where the government cannot reach and sometimes forgets, and who have built schools, hospitals, mosques, sports halls, dormitories, libraries.
3 penny donations, although millions of millions of liras imam preacher schools signposts of their parents, mothers who have always criticized some of the awakened.
But the weekend was something different. A business man appeared, in Kocaeli in Turkey and a "first" he e signature.
First time a businessman; Sah What can we do for Kocaeli, pro said D-100 to terminate the traffic congestion, vehicles flowing in transit to ensure the flow of transit was the owner of a different project.
First time a businessman; The bast Bridge Interchange ediy project, which is under the responsibility of highways and Metropolitan Municipality, pushed the button.
First time a businessman; Em I do it, yap he said, em I will do it ğı by undertaking the em Goodyear Sapağı Bridge Interchange yap project, which the Highways could not do despite the years and the highways could not make it.
First time a businessman; Unlike the well-known industrialists and businessmen who have made it a habit to do business with the state, 24 laid the foundation for a million-pound project.
I am referring to Cengiz Kavan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kavanlar Construction, which does not participate in government tenders, does not work from municipalities, does not have any politics, and does the ini Goodyear Sapağı Bridge Interchange ear project.
I'm talking about Cengiz Kavan, the lover of Kocaeli who succeeded in entering the first 10 in the ranking of taxpayers in Tüpraş's championship title and contributing to the public with 50 million pounds.
I am talking about the young businessman Cengiz Kavan, who created the C Kocaeli Symbol ıy in Kocaeli's prestigious project yarat Kocaeli Symbol X.
Under the leadership of the Mayor of Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, Kocaeli is growing, Kocaeli is developing and Kocaeli is changing.
The esi Kocaeli Symbol ve, which Cengiz Kavan undertook and was responsible for, will become a symbol of health, culture, comfort, entertainment, shopping within the people of the region, from Sakarya to Yalova when it is put into service in May. It will meet.
The Sanayi Symbol Bridge Interchange Mart project, which was laid for the weekend by Science Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık, is as important as the “Kandıra Bridge Interchange açıl at 14 March 2014.
However, when we compare the mak Symbol Bridge Interchange bilinmeyen and dikkat Akçakoca Crossroad Interchange ”projects, I would like to share the most noteworthy and most unknown details.
D-100 The General Directorate of Highways undertook the construction of the Sap Akçakoca Bridge Interchange Kö on the Kandıra slope in order to ensure the traffic flow and transit of vehicles on the highway.
2013 will be completed in 7 in February and 2013 will be opened to traffic in August. The bridge was opened on 19 March 2014 due to economic problems.
24 million of 14 million pounds of the project to meet the highway while the 10 million pounds of Science Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergun, the Ministry of Transport instead of the ministry had met its budget.
The pr Symbol Bridge Interchange ın, which is assumed by the Kavanlar and laid the foundation for the weekend, will cost 24 million pounds like Kav Akçakoca Bridge Interchange K.
The project's financier and producer is Kocaeli's first and only mixed-use project ü Kocaeli Symbol ü, Kavanlar.
Kavanlar Construction Company Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cengiz Kavan, 3 has started the piling works in January and 18 announced the foundation of the arı Symbol Bridge Interchange Ocak, which will be opened in January, in May.
You didn't read it wrong. 120 45 pile will be drilled to 260 centimeter diameter, 855 centimeter diameter will be completed and opened to traffic in 4 meter long un Symbol Bridge Interchange li XNUMX month.
Although i Akçakoca Bridge Interchange ancak 7 was promised to be completed in the month, the money transferred from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Budget could only be completed in 13 months.
Lan Symbol Bridge Interchange UM Kavanlar With the resources of construction, the 4 month will be completed without any money shortage.
The state, the ministries, the highway will do in 13 a month.
Cengiz Kavan added value to Kocaeli kazanHe will go down in history as the contractor who completed this project in a period of 4 months and delivered it on time, the fastest. This must be the Cengiz Kavan difference.
The traffic flow on the D-100 with a crossroad junction will perhaps relax for transit vehicles.
But 3 district of Turkey's biggest Medicalpark Kocaeli Hasxtane of the world's most prestigious hotel chains 7 stars Hampton by Hilton Hotels, the region's largest shopping center with 1750 vehicle capacity car park, you will find the Convention Center "Kocaeli Symbol" there will be problems in e inputs and outputs.
Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality to resolve the congestion and congestion in traffic
Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kavanlar Construction Cengiz Kavan together will make North and South Side Roads.
Kavanlar will make the north side of the Köprülü Junction. The construction of the southern road was undertaken by the Metropolitan Municipality.
Added value, hammering a nail into Kocaeli kazanCongratulations to whoever you are.
This person does not receive a tender from the government, tax record recorders entering the first 10'i, the work done on time, the promise of the state, 13 in the month of his work 4 month to do the job Caman Kavan Kavanlar Construction Chairman of the Board I applaud.

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