Targets did not meet in Ankara metro

Ankara Metro did not set targets: The Törekent and Çayyolu subways undertaken by the Ministry of Transport could not be integrated with the existing Batıkent Metro, despite the completion of the construction of the AKP's Melih Gökçek. Nobody knows why the subways could not be combined at the announced date, where the problem was, and when the merging works would end. The Ministry of Transport, which carries out the study, does not answer questions. Metropolitan Municipality is unaware of all developments.
In the run-up to last year's local elections, despite the lack of train sets and wagons, the subway lines for the capital's two main routes, the Sincan and Çayyolu area, were opened. New problems arise every day on the lines that are opened due to the election. The works carried out by the Ministry of Transport for the merging of three lines did not end in the announced date. The capital is entering the new year with problems in the subway.
The problems and shortcomings of the Metro are as follows:
Lack of material: Although two lines are opened at short intervals, there are no train sets and wagons to run on these lines. One person who wants to go to Törekent from Kızılay, Batıkent first comes to the last stop, it has to move forward from here. The passengers coming from the Çayyolu route can reach up to the Red Crescent with the train they take. At the beginning of Törekent and Çayyolu lines, a train was moving in the 10 every minute. Transport Minister Lutfi Elvan, the budget talks, this time has been reduced to 6.5 minutes, announced. However, the voyages can still be made with three, up to four wagon sets. The biggest obstacle to combining the three lines is the train set and the wagon shortage, although the opening was made 9 months ago. The Ministry does not respond to the questions posed about the current situation and studies.
The delays cannot be avoided: Delays are unavoidable in the lines where the subway lines cannot be combined and the transfers are obligatory. A train from Çayyolu is forced to wait at the Necatibey station from time to time because there is another train at the Kızılay Station. The same problem causes the train from Batıkent to wait at the Sıhhiye stop or at previous stops. Due to the waiting time, the journey times are prolonged, and the passengers are reacting to fights from time to time.
Sincans are distraught
Ring lines bored: Following the opening of the Çayyolu and Törekent lines, the Metropolitan Municipality directed the bus lines carrying the passengers from the Sincan, Etimesgut and Çayyolu regions to the city center as Çay ring lines ent. However, the intensity of the route exceeds the capacity of the metron carrying passengers in a triple wagon after the universities are opened. With the opening of the metron, the citizens are using the subway instead of private vehicles, so the expectation that the traffic will be relieved in Eskişehir Highway is wasted. Sincan and Etimesgut ring bus to the metro stop, because of the length of travel time is forced to make more expensive transportation. Other special means of transport are those that cannot reach the metro line; the minibus and private buses.
Ministry suspus
After the opening of the Çayyolu and Törekent lines, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told the party group that ın problems will be solved, integration will be ensured and the journey time will be shortened Recep. The time for the studies has expired. The Ministry of Transport does not give any response to our written and verbal questions about the stage of the studies, when the problems will be resolved and when to ensure uninterrupted transportation.

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