Batıkent-SSK tramway ring line is running empty

Batıkent-SSK tram line runs empty: 3 stall in Batıkent-SSK ring line stands out with its deserted view. Those looking for vacancies in front of luxury villas are looking for the answer to the question dur What is the stop of the place that is not in use? Lüks.
The tram routes brought to Batıkent within the scope of tramway extension project do not meet the expectations of the neighborhood, and trams perform empty flights. One of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, Eşref Günay said, Mah They were going to take the tram line from the Bülent Ecevit Boulevard. They gave up on it and spent the middle of luxury residences. Those who live there already have access to their own vehicles. Stay away from the lines and we headed for the bus and minibus instead of the tram. Hat
19 passing through the Batıkent neighborhood, where people with high income levels and stops are staying away from the citizens who prefer the use of trams in the places where May, Avcılar and Batıkent stations are located, cause the trams to make vacancies. When the trams did not provide the benefit expected by the citizen, he told the local authorities, yetkil What is the stop of the place that is not in use? Vatandaş.


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