Alaplida Signalization Study

Signalization Work in Alaplı: AK Party Alaplı District Chairman Mustafa Yavuz stated that signaling lights were installed at the Siteler Junction where fatal accidents occurred.
Yavuz, AA correspondent, said the road at the crossroads that occur in the scope of divided road works, he said.
Yavuz, who predicted that they will not encounter the latest incidents after the lamps were operational, said:
“Within the scope of Düzce-Ereğli double road works, 9 tunnels were built between Akçakoca and Alaplı and transportation to Ankara, Istanbul and Düzce started to be provided in a shorter time. Within the scope of these works, 2 intersections were built in our district. Especially, there were fatal accidents at the Siteler Crossroad that saddened us all. Necessary meetings and correspondence were made with the General Directorate of Highways through our deputy Ercan Candan, and the signaling lamps were put into service here.

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