Underpass in Adana

📩 24/12/2018 16:55

Underpass in Adana Flooded: In Adana, the underground passage on the D-400 highway flooded due to the collapse of the manhole where underground water was stored. collapse occurred in the manhole. One aspect of the underpass flooded due to the collapse. Then the police flooded the only direction flooded. For this reason, a long queue of vehicles occurred in the overpass.
Adana Water and Sewerage Administration to the scene (ASKI) teams were referred. ASKI teams, however, the collapse occurred in the drainage manhole of the groundwater tank, said the highways.
ASKI teams, the traffic flow to prevent further disruption until the arrival of highways teams began to work in the region.
It was learned that the road will remain closed for a while.


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