Problems caused by Marmaray in Maltepe were discussed

The problems caused by Marmaray in Maltepe were discussed: Maltepe Mayor Ali Kılıç met with District Governor Mustafa Tapsız and Marmaray Regional Director Haluk İbrahim Özmen in his office. Sinan Çetiz, the Deputy Mayor of Maltepe, also attended the meeting. At the meeting, where the Marmaray project and its reflections on Maltepe were mainly discussed, the problems of citizens and underpass problems were also discussed.
During the meeting, Maltepe District Governor Mustafa Tapsız introduced the new district governorship building and talked about its problems and said: “We need serious resources regarding the government building. Units such as District Governorship, Police Department, Population, Land Registry, Property, Health Directorate, Mufti Office, Directorate of National Education will be in our building. In particular, our Police Department will have a building 1.5 times the size of its current building. However, when you come here from Küçükyalı direction, there are transportation problems. " Stating that the rents are high regarding the sacrificial areas, Tapsız said, “Maltepe does not have such an area during the Eid al-Adha, this area should be established. 5 lira is paid for each tent, and the necessary physical conditions are currently not available. Our municipality, mufti and commission officials should come together to identify a specific area and equip them. We must build at least 10 cabins, toilets, prayer rooms, shower areas and tea shops in these areas. Ground inspection should be done and security and camera systems should be installed ”.

After conveying his views without Tapsiz, Marmaray Regional Manager Haluk İbrahim Özmen informed Mayor Ali Kılıç about Marmaray. Stating that the signaling works on the Haydarpaşa-Gebze line will continue for 10 days, Özmen said, “The Pendik-Gebze line will be completed within the next months. We definitely do not touch the buildings on the line. Several stations will change locations. "We are sensitive about the tree, but we have to touch some of them."

Expressing the problems of the people of Maltepe after listening to his guests, Mayor Kılıç said, “Our people suffer a lot due to the Marmaray projects at the point of underpasses and bridges. We have to find short-term solutions to this. There are complaints about the closure of underpasses on Drama Bridge. We have written and sent messages to the Metropolitan Municipality and Marmaray administrators many times. You are closing these places without informing the citizen. There is no underpass, no overpass. People become victims, no response from you for 2 months. "People cannot cross the cross because there are no passages, there are floods, shopkeepers are having problems." Adding that the area where Maltepe Square and the Central Mosque is located will be expanded, Kılıç said, "If this project is not resolved before schools, there will be chaos, I do not want it".

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