4680 Campaign Held in Ödemiş-İzmir Railway Line

Edited Ödemiş-Izmir Railway Line in 4680 Expedition: Odemis in Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 3. In the 2014, the railroads, which were revitalized with the works of the Regional Directorate, attracted great attention. Ödemiş-Izmir on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 6 times, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday times 7 times mutually arranged on the 750 thousand passenger railways benefited.
Among the most ticketed stations in İzmir, the total box office revenue of 2014 in Ödemiş exceeded 2 million 150 thousand pounds. A total of 4 thousand 680 trains were organized between Ödemiş and Basmane. A total of 378 tickets were cut from Ödemiş and Ödemiş Gar. On the days of Monday to Thursday, a mutual 6 flight was organized on the Ödemiş-Basmane line, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and on other full days, the 7 expedition took place.
Expressed interest in the 750 thousand citizens of mutual visits, expressing interest in the City Station Chairman Osman Aktas, said that interest is increasing with each passing day.



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