The Hejaz Railway Project Will Be Revived With The Museum

Hejaz Railway Project will be alive with the museum: implemented in the last period of the Ottoman state, but when the line becomes idle in order to revitalize continues work carried out under the leadership of Turkey.

Implemented in the last period of the Ottoman Empire but also the revitalization of the line becomes idle in order to continue the work carried out under the leadership of Turkey. In this context the remaining portion of the line from the border with Turkey is transformed into a high-speed train line. Turkey, as well as finding new life on the line to enter service projects also pays attention to the cultural feet. In order to shorten the path of those who went to the holy lands, the Amman station built between Damascus and Medina will be restored by TIKA.

TICA will restore
The three historical buildings that cannot be used because of being neglected in the capital Amman will be restored by TIKA according to their texture. A new museum building will be built on the thousand 500 square meters next to the historical buildings and the story of the Hejaz Railway. The construction of the restoration works and the museum building will be started this year. Restored structures will also serve as part of the museum. At the museum, 2. The rails, locomotives, materials used for communication at the station, tickets and photographs will be exhibited. In addition to the historical sound recordings of the stations on the line, the first years of the station will be portrayed with a multi-dimensional presentation of clothing, conductors and passengers. On the other floors of the museum, there will be a section where models of other stations are exhibited with the diorama technique. The 3 historical building next to the museum will be restored with the preservation of historical textures for use in social activities. Restoration and museum construction is planned to be completed at 2018.

History of the Hejaz Railway
The Ottoman Sultan 2. The Hijaz Railway, one of the most important projects of the Abdülhamid period, was built on the route between Damascus and Medina between 1900-1908 years. The construction of the railway was started in 1 September 1900 between Damascus and Der'a. The line, which started to be constructed from Damascus to Medina, reached to Amman in 1903, to Maan in 1904, to Medayin-i Salih in 1 September and to Medina in 1906 August 31. The main stations, along with Amman, Damascus, Der'a, Katrana and Maan, have had significant military, economic and social effects despite their short life. In fact, 1908 bin 1910 in 198, 448 bin 1913 passengers in 232 with 563 thousand tons in 1910 and 66 thousand tons in 1913. The Hijaz Railway, built between 112-1900, was built in 1908 xNUMX kilometers along the side roads.

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