16 thousand passengers transport in Izmit tram line

16 thousand passengers can not be transported on the tram line of İzmit: Another response from the Metropolitan Municipality to disable the private public buses came from Hasan Öztürk, Head of the City Cooperative Cooperative of 5.
Mayor Ozturk, even though the main victim of the Metropolitan Municipality officials themselves did not get the interlocutor said. A number of figures are given. They say the 2017 will carry a thousand passengers in the 16 where the tram will be put into service. This is a dream. It's not possible. It is understood that public buses from the west registered with the tram to the cooperative will not enter the city after the Sekadan. Passengers will be directed to the tram. This is the end of our application. The metropolitan should explain what he wants to do and he should tell us. Büyük
Hasan Başkana, when I asked him why they were against the tram, said: ı My teacher is against the method, not the tram. We were told not to be consulted, if the subject of my bread was discussed and discussed with them. We would recommend that the tram is too expensive, instead of running the BRT on the preferential road. We would tell the passengers that they could travel in series, comfortably, safely. Yol

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