Performance Evaluation Meeting of 5 Year in TCDD 2014.

TCDD 5 Regional Directorate 2014 Year Performance Evaluation Meeting was held: The results of the 5 year performance evaluation were announced by Regional Director Üzeyir Ülker at the weekly Coordination Meeting held in the meeting hall of TCDD 2014.
"5. Regional Directorate In 2014, significant and positive developments were achieved in the regional performance items compared to the previous year. Namely;
1- Load Fills: 2012 24,9 2013 and 54 2014 filling in the first place in the region in the first place in the same successful performance 41,79'da XNUMX'de XNUMX'de filling again took the first place with the increase.
In addition, the total 2.042.191 ton load increase increase in the total 1.084.159 tone has been realized in our region and the share of 53 has been increased to% XNUMX.
2-Tekayyudatlar: Tekayyüdatlu length 222 km. A reduction of% 171 from 23 to 60 and a reduction of 41 from 32 to XNUMX minutes was achieved.
3 - Train Tracks: A reduction of 43 minutes per train to 25 per minute for trains has resulted in an improvement of% 42 and an improvement of 19 for freight trains.
4 - Locomotive Train Cerrah Average: 7.94 hours at 8.07 hours were removed by a partial improvement.
5-Derayes: The number of 29s was reduced to 19, resulting in an improvement of% 35.
6- Investments: In 2014, 157.731.760,00 investments with a total contract value of 80 were realized at a rate of% 93.
As can be seen in 2014, significant improvements have been made in all performance items compared to the previous year.
While I hope the same productive and successful works will continue in 2015, I would like to thank the Deputy Regional Managers, Service Managers and staff and all of my devoted workers and officers with sincere feelings, and I wish you healthy and happy days. ”

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