The Cable Car Bringing the Flag and the Sea Together

TELEFERIC FLAG AND SEA will bring together
Underlining that the transformation will not happen at the moment, President Karabakh said, ı You cannot change the 10 bin at a time. The houses will be built on the island island and the transformation will start from Edip Paksı Mahallesi. There is also a connection to the sea from the top of the project. Hz. Like the rail car lift coming out of the statue of Jesus, there will be a ropeway. Bayraklı and a ropeway plan that reunites the sea is also included in the project. Bayrak

Karabakh said that the 4 had taken almost all of the promises they made throughout the year, and that the remaining projects could be completed within one year. President Karabakh, about a week ago by the SONAR research company, 2 thousand 13 people on the results of the survey, according to the personal vote rate, the party is over the value of the transfer, '' the poll responders' Sunday the election of the President if you could vote, '' he asked. 52,3 yes the answer is out. The answer to the question of which party you would vote for was the 39,7 CHP ver.

In May, Karabakh said there would be reconciliation efforts for urban transformation, and the company that deals with the transformation process prepared several alternative projects, particularly amongst them, Karabakh said, ağ There are 5 housing available, and 1,5 solid housing will be built. Citizens ask what they will get in return for illegal structures. We say that the debris values ​​of the illegal and licensed buildings will be evaluated separately and the total building value will be released. In return, we will offer you how many apartments are available; but these apartments 300-350 would not be lower than thousand TL. Ankara Dikmen Valley 1. Etap, Orange flower project. The shanty house will also raise the standard of living there. There is rent in the construction site, there is need to do that rent. We will be an agent of the municipality, we will give to the contractors for floor. That's our agreement with Aziz Bey. We will take power of attorney from these people we have agreed Uz.

Karabakh also evaluated the restriction of municipal support for sports clubs and underlined the need to continue the support of local authorities. Ağ If local administrations withdraw their support from amateur sports, the business remains in the class, amateur sports collapse. Support for sports clubs should continue. The auditors should come and inspect the sports clubs; but this support does not work without support, sa he said.

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